All or Nothing..

So I’ve noticed recently that I have a tendency to o.d on things.

I heard Yeasayer’s album, Odd Blood playing at a friend’s place last Saturday and loved it. Recognised a few songs from Triple J. The next day I bought it off iTunes and have played it twice a day since. It is an amazing record, so catchy and so clever, so I’ve decided to go to The Lovebox Festival to see them live. And while I’m at it I got a ticket for Sunday too. Yeasayer, Mark Ronson, Hot Chip, New Young Pony Club, Empire of the Sun, Booka Shade, Paloma Faith, Wild Beasts, Chromeo and Cut Copy are some of the wicked people on the bill for Saturday and Sunday!!!!!!!

I’ve also finally (I knew I’d come round) fallen in love with John Mayer’s album, Battle Studies. At first listen I found it real samey and boring, but now I can’t understand how I didn’t hear the magic before. Jesus he’s a good songwriter. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if I went to jail and could only have one artist on my ipod, it’d be him ūüôā

Also obsessed with Sara Bareilles’ new single King of Anything. Her second album’s due in September and I can’t f’n wait!

And.. Band of Horses. Kind of Americana, layers, country, pop, dynamic mix of aural heaven.

So these are my recommendations! I was stuck in a little music rut – listening to the same stuff all the time, so I’m a happy girl. I think Yeasayer and Band of Horses are touring Aus soon so get a ticket.

And on the food front – pretty much all I eat these days is bean salad, homous and falafels. Mainly cause I can only really cook pasta (and that makes me balloon like nothing else).

I’ve been working crazy hours the past three weeks at work – cause they let too many people go on holiday- so with my extra cash I thought I’d treat myself to the Lovebox Festival (I scored cheap tix too) and I’m on the lookout for a bike!

On a less obsessive note, I went to the second APRA networking connect meeting at Sound Advice in Covent Garden. The lovely Milly from APRA and Andrew Jenkins from Universal publishing spoke and gave us such a good insight to the workings of the publishing industry and dumbed down all the royalty info for us musos. We ate Vegemite Sandwiches, Fantales and Minties (aww) and I actually enjoyed learning more about the business side of stuff.



Acknee Innit?

I went to Greg’s office to have a sneaky peaky at a rough mix of what we shot last weekend. Ummm.. Greg is amazing and I’m pretty darn excited to see the end result. I nearly got tears in¬† my eyes (would’ve been so inappropriate). I love the song – it means so much to me.. and to have a visual representation of where I am right now (London aka away from my sister dearest) seems perfect.

I’m now fairly settled in my new flat in Hackney. My flatties are so lovely and enjoy it when I play and sing which is comforting. I’m a two minute walk to Broadway Market and a tenner to London Fields. Explored a little on Friday night and hung at the park drinking a few cheeky ciders with some locals. They’re into frizbee hard here.. I’m yet to master it and often opt for tossing the tennis ball about. (I’m not sure¬†if anyone¬†finds it as thrilling as Dad, Laur and I do).

Alana has left for Turkey with her family for a month.. I may die without her. But Summer is shaping up to be so damn fun. London is one hell of a city and once you get under all the London Eye, Leceister Square, Buckingham Palace stuff, it’s like a totally different beast.

Got burnt yesterday! (That deserves it’s own paragraph)

Been working my little arse off the past few weeks doing stacks of overtime, to save for Amsterdam at the beginning of August. But it doesn’t get dark til 10pm so there’s always somthing to do at night. I think our flatties are going to buy a mini bbq and hit London Fields up on Wednesday night.

Well this blog is a¬† little disjointed cause it’s been a while. Till next time,



Regents Canal, round the corner on the way to Broadway Market


I made it!!

Wilson arrived and I was still packing my shit into bags. I stuffed one large suitcase, two small suitcases, my keyboard case,¬† and three other bags and then two food bags, my stand, ironing board, iron, shoe bag, stool, doona, three pillows, bed protector, wine bag and my handbag. HONESTLY.. in five months, how have I got so much shit?? So¬†after lugging my stuff down the stairs and into the van – I’m pretty sure I was sweating and quite parched. (Wilson, not so much).

I had thought that maybe it was going to be a bit awkard riding in a car with a man I didn’t know. But first song of the trip was¬†‘I Want It That Way’ by The Backstreet Boys, so Wilson seemed okay in my book.

We chatted about music, and how I missed riding in a car and how expensive London is. Good times. Nice bloke.

Some of the gems that followed were Yomanda’s ‘You’re Free (To Do What You Want To Do)’, and Glee. O Wilson.

Got to the flat, no one was there.. no one answered their phones.. So I called James, the dude who’s room I was meant to be staying in and he told me he left a key out cause he thought this would happen. Awesome.

So spent the next two hours sweating more and throwing lots of paper away. Cooked pasta – forgot about it – it burned. The bed is slightly bigger so my sheets don’t fit. Mmm love it. ate Vegemite toast, went to bed.

YAY Hackney


Moving on up (movin on up)

So yesterday I skipped work and went to the Chiropractor¬† in the morning to try a fix my bung neck and mouse shoulder. I decided cause I’d be getting the quieter tube at 10am,¬†I could take some stuff to work to store (cds, books, beach towels, amp).

So I walk out of the chriopractor and the handle of the paper bag I was carrying the stuff in broke. Had to lugg it under my arm, with the amp in the other hand and my handbag swung round my back. Totally undid the chiro work..

So because of that and the memories of lugging an ironing board, iron, clothes horse, doona, two pillows and hairdryer home from Argos (f’n kill me), I’ve decided to hire a man in a van to move all my stuff from Clapham North to Hackney – my new home! The move in the van with old mate¬†Wilson takes place tonight at 7pm. ¬†If you haven’t heard from me please send out the search party.




Film Clip..

So yesterday was a beautiful day in bustling London town! We shot at seven different pianos around East London and had an amazing time. Apart from the insent bells, chronic wind and a few junkies with balloons, everything ran smoothly and we even caught the Wimbeldon final at a pub for lunch.

 Thanks to Greg Davenport, Steph and Jo for being so awesome!

Stay tuned for more..



Hello and welcome..

Hi all,

So thought I’d get on the World Press wagon so I can let you know the latest.

Tomorrow – Sunday July 4th –¬†I’ll be playing pianos around East London making a clip!!¬†Um.. I’m just a wee bit excited!¬†So if you’re a Londoner, follow me on Twitter (@larissamckay) and hopefully you can catch some of the live action. The lovely Greg Davenport will be the man behind the lens and it’s going to be a great day by the river. *It is with regret that my first real film clip will not have my sis in it, it’s her life long dream. Next time Laur.

After a billion (well not really, but it felt like that) shows throughout May and June I have taken a little time off to sleep mainly, write more, move flats¬†and do the clip. So¬†my next gig is July 29th at Tommy Flynn’s in Camden – so hope you can all make it.

I’m on the Scout for a band – guitar, drums and bass – so if anyone’s keen, comment on the blog and let’s make some magic.

Till next time,