I made it!!

Wilson arrived and I was still packing my shit into bags. I stuffed one large suitcase, two small suitcases, my keyboard case,  and three other bags and then two food bags, my stand, ironing board, iron, shoe bag, stool, doona, three pillows, bed protector, wine bag and my handbag. HONESTLY.. in five months, how have I got so much shit?? So after lugging my stuff down the stairs and into the van – I’m pretty sure I was sweating and quite parched. (Wilson, not so much).

I had thought that maybe it was going to be a bit awkard riding in a car with a man I didn’t know. But first song of the trip was ‘I Want It That Way’ by The Backstreet Boys, so Wilson seemed okay in my book.

We chatted about music, and how I missed riding in a car and how expensive London is. Good times. Nice bloke.

Some of the gems that followed were Yomanda’s ‘You’re Free (To Do What You Want To Do)’, and Glee. O Wilson.

Got to the flat, no one was there.. no one answered their phones.. So I called James, the dude who’s room I was meant to be staying in and he told me he left a key out cause he thought this would happen. Awesome.

So spent the next two hours sweating more and throwing lots of paper away. Cooked pasta – forgot about it – it burned. The bed is slightly bigger so my sheets don’t fit. Mmm love it. ate Vegemite toast, went to bed.

YAY Hackney


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