All or Nothing..

So I’ve noticed recently that I have a tendency to o.d on things.

I heard Yeasayer’s album, Odd Blood playing at a friend’s place last Saturday and loved it. Recognised a few songs from Triple J. The next day I bought it off iTunes and have played it twice a day since. It is an amazing record, so catchy and so clever, so I’ve decided to go to The Lovebox Festival to see them live. And while I’m at it I got a ticket for Sunday too. Yeasayer, Mark Ronson, Hot Chip, New Young Pony Club, Empire of the Sun, Booka Shade, Paloma Faith, Wild Beasts, Chromeo and Cut Copy are some of the wicked people on the bill for Saturday and Sunday!!!!!!!

I’ve also finally (I knew I’d come round) fallen in love with John Mayer’s album, Battle Studies. At first listen I found it real samey and boring, but now I can’t understand how I didn’t hear the magic before. Jesus he’s a good songwriter. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if I went to jail and could only have one artist on my ipod, it’d be him 🙂

Also obsessed with Sara Bareilles’ new single King of Anything. Her second album’s due in September and I can’t f’n wait!

And.. Band of Horses. Kind of Americana, layers, country, pop, dynamic mix of aural heaven.

So these are my recommendations! I was stuck in a little music rut – listening to the same stuff all the time, so I’m a happy girl. I think Yeasayer and Band of Horses are touring Aus soon so get a ticket.

And on the food front – pretty much all I eat these days is bean salad, homous and falafels. Mainly cause I can only really cook pasta (and that makes me balloon like nothing else).

I’ve been working crazy hours the past three weeks at work – cause they let too many people go on holiday- so with my extra cash I thought I’d treat myself to the Lovebox Festival (I scored cheap tix too) and I’m on the lookout for a bike!

On a less obsessive note, I went to the second APRA networking connect meeting at Sound Advice in Covent Garden. The lovely Milly from APRA and Andrew Jenkins from Universal publishing spoke and gave us such a good insight to the workings of the publishing industry and dumbed down all the royalty info for us musos. We ate Vegemite Sandwiches, Fantales and Minties (aww) and I actually enjoyed learning more about the business side of stuff.



2 Replies to “All or Nothing..”

  1. All or Nothing. Gee, at first glance I thought that you’d finally dumped that boring, samey (yes, your initial impression of his album was the right one) John May and embraced “All or Nothing” from one of the the great, energetic bands of the 1960s, the Small Faces.

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