Got amongst it

Ricocheted FILM CLIP is launching this week. I know I’ve been telling you all for a while now, but it’s hard to organise it all so hang in there, and I promise it’ll be soon. I’m soooo excited!

Lans text me on Friday saying she was back from NYand ended up staying with me over the weekend till she goes to Greece on Monday.  Hit up the vegan bus with Es and her on Friday night and then talked till 3am. She spooned me.

Saturday slept in til midday. Ohh heaven. And just for the record – Lans missed her hair appointment cause, and I quote “your bed is so cosy and your room, so dark.” So I guarantee if you were in my position you would’ve missed the flight to Amsterdam too.

Got tix for Lans and I to see Jamie Cullum play at the picnic concerts at Hampstead Heath ( a park). OMG I’d never been there, but it’s just beautiful. You look back over the city and it feels like you’re in the country. Jamie Cullum – as always- blew me away. He is so talented and his new band (esp. the bass player ) are so damn hot. The people next to us were laughing cause everytime the bass’d kick in we’d go oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh.

We bought falafels, wraps, lettuce, homous and maltesers and wine and had a wee old picnic. (I forgot cups so drank Rose straight from the bottle. Classy. Then with about three songs to go, these people gave us their good seat tickets! We ran around into the good area and then Jamie goes “everyone come up the front”, so Lans and I ran up the front and danced like lunatics in the mud and it was so much fun.

He did All At Sea and went into If I Ruled The World – I nearly wet my pants. There were oldies, young’ns, cool kids, nerd burgers- it was great. His music reaches everyone and his songs are so good. Inspiring  🙂

Had brunch with Whit, Lans and Amy at Balan’s in Soho and had major girly chats. Love. Then jammed with a drummer which was fun and met a guy who works at the studio who wants me to do some bvs. He sessions for Bloc Party. I played it cool.

I’ve got a gig at The Troubadour on Thursday night. Old Brompton Road, near Earl’s Court tube. They have good food and the place is nice.!/event.php?eid=140346112663314&ref=ts 

If you take any photos or film of me playing, email it to I’m mucking around with a few ideas and would love you to get invloved.

Listening to: Band of Horses, Glee: Total Eclipse of the Heart, Playjerise, Hungry Kids of Hungry, John Mayer, Hot Chip, Jamie Cullum, Robyn.



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