Dim Sim & The Dam

Flight was planned for 7am from Stansted to Amsterdam Saturday morning. Had to get the bus toLiverpool St station and then the stansted express to the airport. I set two alarms for 3am didn’t I, and slept through both. I woke and rolled over to have a peek at the time on the old phone/peice of shit that sometimes just doesn’t go off, and it was 5am. Those of you who have gotten ready with me know I don’t mind a bit of a fart around, but you should’ve seen me move. I didn’t shower, clean teeth, bother with any personal hygiene or vanity and got to the bustop in 5mins. Made it to the airport 20 mins before takeoff and appraoched the man behind the easyjet counter half knowing there wasn’t a chance in hell I could make it. He reckoned if I’d checked in online I could’ve made it – but of course I hadn’t – so I decided that I’d rather get a bus back to central London, then the tube to get another bus to Gatwick airport to get a 1pm flight to the dam, than hang at Stansted til 5pm to get the next flight from there. At this stage I waspretty much loving life and hadn’t showered for over 27 hours.

Amazingly I made that flight from Gatwick and then got the train and walked to the hostel. I Showered merrily and went to meet Sof and her two friends Katherine and Rimi where they were shopping. Sof and I had a Hollywood hug and cried outside River Island without a care in the world. Oh how I had missed her and her suckle hugs 🙂

Amsterdam is a cool city and we walked round and caught the tram easily. Went to Vondel Park, Anne Frank’s Annex which was very moving and a really humbling experience. We had raw steak (mmm) and the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted. Did a bit of partying and wandered through the red light district. The vibe was much more relaxed and it kinda reminded me of a mix between Berlin and Melbourne.

Sof has been staying with me in London since Monday and she leaves tomorrow morning. We have done all the sightseeing stuff but also had a nice lunch and sat in London Fields and chatted. Whit has been co-tour guide aswell, and as a quick example of the high quality experience we’re giving Sof – today we we went into the gift shop at Westminster Abbey and read a brochure so we knew what it actually was. It’s an old, royal, medieval church.

We had a pint and went to Hyde Park and had a picnic in the SUNSHINE! Shopped our feet off at Topshop and H&M, walked round Soho and had some good coffee, saw Tap Dogs- so amazing!! Had dinner at Pizza East in Shoreditch – yum!! and walked around Knightsbridge and a bit of the West End.

So tonight’s Sof’s last night and there’s a little group of us going to Greg’s work to watch the Worldwide Exclusive Premier of Ricocheted!! I’m so excited! Then we’re going to Punk for a few drinks and a boogie.

Tomorrow morning Sof flies back home and I go back to work and I assume it will not be fun. It’s been so nice having her here and I wish you would all come visit London.


3 Replies to “Dim Sim & The Dam”

  1. Yes, you should get a very good alarm clock….. Think of the stress it might save you. Can’t wait to have a Saturday morning coffee with Sof and hear about more of the fun. Love you.

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