So Lovebox Festival was pretty hectic.

Over Saturday and Sunday I saw Yeasayer (OMG), Cut Copy, Chromeo, Hercules & Love Affair, Empire of the Sun, Hurts (mmm didn’t really dig), Grand Master Flash and some amazing DJ I’m still yet to find out the name of.

The sun was out shining and the atmosphere was wicked. I had a vegie burger and drank cider on the grass, boogied till I could boogie no more and lost my shit when Yeasayer came on (not literally of course). Oh I had missed festival fun.

So I’m still trying to catch up on rest and work is killing me this week. But taking it easy this weekend cause I have Field Day (Phoenix- OMG) next weekend.

I finally got my internet working so when I’m home I’ll have skype on and although I’ll probably bawl cause I miss you all so so much, I’d love to see your faces.



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