Loving my bike (apart from the immense build up of lactic acid in my thighs). I’ve been riding heaps and it takes me one minute to get to Market Broadway, seven minutes to Brick Lane, ten to Victoria Park. Yes I timed it. I’ve been trying to upload a pic of my turquoise gem for a few days but somethings iffy so standby..

Had a drink and catchup with Whit in Brick Lane on Friday night and bought a truckload of Falafels to stock me up for the week. Saturday I bummed at home and Skyped the rents. I bawled like a baby when Dad answered – it’d been a while since I saw his face. Mum promptly made her way over and then Len too. Seriously people.. get on the Skype wagon, it’s amazing. On Sunday Laur, Mum and I did a three way conference call – pissed myself laughing pretty much the whole time. O family time.

Went to Victoria Park for a spot of FOOTball and boat building and I’m slowly getting better. I can nearly do the tappity tappy things.. kind of. Had some drinks at the Pub on the park and road to a friends place with the bike gang.

Sunday met some travelling friends in Brick Lane again and got a sausage bagel on the way home. They are actually AMAZING – just don’t think about who served you.

Doing some pre-production for recording over the next few weeks. Looks like Hey You (a new one) and Get High may be on a new EP and another one which I’m yet to decide on.

Works still hectic, so I worked 9-830pm yesterday and am slowly burning the candle at both ends (typical). So trying to stay in and watch Gossip Girl till my gig on Thursday night. Although, in London that proves difficult.

Haven’t played live now for over a month so I’m stinging to play on Thursday. Should be good fun!

Tommy Flynn’s

55 Camden High Street (Turn left out of Camden tube and walk along)


See ya there


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