Acknee Innit?

I went to Greg’s office to have a sneaky peaky at a rough mix of what we shot last weekend. Ummm.. Greg is amazing and I’m pretty darn excited to see the end result. I nearly got tears in  my eyes (would’ve been so inappropriate). I love the song – it means so much to me.. and to have a visual representation of where I am right now (London aka away from my sister dearest) seems perfect.

I’m now fairly settled in my new flat in Hackney. My flatties are so lovely and enjoy it when I play and sing which is comforting. I’m a two minute walk to Broadway Market and a tenner to London Fields. Explored a little on Friday night and hung at the park drinking a few cheeky ciders with some locals. They’re into frizbee hard here.. I’m yet to master it and often opt for tossing the tennis ball about. (I’m not sure if anyone finds it as thrilling as Dad, Laur and I do).

Alana has left for Turkey with her family for a month.. I may die without her. But Summer is shaping up to be so damn fun. London is one hell of a city and once you get under all the London Eye, Leceister Square, Buckingham Palace stuff, it’s like a totally different beast.

Got burnt yesterday! (That deserves it’s own paragraph)

Been working my little arse off the past few weeks doing stacks of overtime, to save for Amsterdam at the beginning of August. But it doesn’t get dark til 10pm so there’s always somthing to do at night. I think our flatties are going to buy a mini bbq and hit London Fields up on Wednesday night.

Well this blog is a  little disjointed cause it’s been a while. Till next time,



Regents Canal, round the corner on the way to Broadway Market

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