The Final Countdown

I’ve been up and down like a maniac lately. It still seems surreal that I’ll be heading home to Sydney in three weeks. One day I think, get me the hell outta huuurrr, and the next I well up at the thought of saying goodbye. You can’t have it all though, can you? As a result I’ve been pumping out tunes, so I really shouldn’t complain.

My bestie Fliss has arrived in London and we’d been spooning for the past few weeks and she’s just moved into her new flat & landed a job. Yeah boi. It’s really nice having her here and showing her the ropes. She has the time of her life ahead of her. All the best Flus. One night as we were chatting in bed, we could hear this scratching noise in the wall and we thought it was a rat. A RAT!!! I thanked god I was only there for one more month and that Fliss was on the side closest to the wall. It continued every now and then and I told my flatmate and she said there was nothing we could do if it wasn’t actually IN our flat. Is she actually serious? Anyway, when Fliss left, the scratching miraculously disappeared. Interesting.

Lans took me to see Idina Menzel at Royal Albert Hall for an early bday prezzie. Ohh so good. She’s the original wicked witch from Wicked on Broadway and the musical director of the show and symphony was Marvin Hamlisch. I died.

Steve my mate from home passed through and Fliss and I saw his bro play in Dalston (Mickey Gloss) which was awesome and went to the Old Blue Last to christen Fliss into East London.

We had a night out in Soho with the girls and danced amongst the drags and gays at Freedom. “I whip my hair back and forth.” Had red wine Wednesday with Vic and Kimber in Soho and saw Les Miserables with Fliss and Lans another night. I was a bit disappointed – the woman who sung, “I dreamed a dream of times gone by” was pretty operatic. Shame, I really love that song, but her voice was like a yo-yo.

Lans and I had been saying for so long that we wanted to dress up and have a greasy night out in Essex. So for her bday, Amy pulled some strings and got us VIP into the Sugar Hut. We tandoori chickened up, put on the false eyelashes, had a few cocktails beforehand and caught the train out to Essex. When we arrived, the ten of us were ushered to our roped off booth and our personal waiter poured us Belvedere vodkas all night long. Seriously, was SO much fun. Lans did a repeat of 2010 (shudder) – but we all felt it coming LOL.

The day after, we hit up the cheese & wine festival at Southbank and I had what will be my last visit to Gordon’s Wine Bar, one of my favourite places in London.

Josh Flowers & the Wild had their EP Launch at Queen of Hoxton on Monday and a crew headed down for what was a great gig. Their EP is tops – you should get it, or if you’re in the UK go along to a show. Charlie and Josh will be playing a song or two with me at my last gig at The Troubadour next Thursday Oct. 27th, 9pm.!/event.php?eid=288703651158200

On Tuesday I got to sing a song with the very talented, James Page at the iconic venue, The Bedford. Paolo Nutini & KT Tunstall were discovered there so it was an honour. James played Ricocheted and I sung. We’d wanted to do something together since our paths crossed months ago so I’m so glad we got to do that. The guy on after us, Sam Brookes had a beautiful voice. You should check him out too.

On Wednesday night it hit a delicious 1 degree. I rugged up and Mills and I saw City & Colour at The Roundhouse. OHHH Dallas Green has the best voice in pop. I could listen to him sing for the rest of eternity. As he sung I actually thought, if I ever needed a sperm donor I’d use him.

It was a great week of gigs to get me inspired for recording this weekend. I’m going to Highbury & Islington again to work with Macks, the producer who did Hey You. We have no idea how the two songs will turn out, but I kinda like that.

Well, I’m off to the steam room.

Till next time, Larissa

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