Don’t Stop Me Now

London has served up a delicious platter of social goodness as per usual.

My gigs have been going great. I played The Troubadour in Earl’s Court on the 16th and it was killer. The joint was packed and the audience very appreciative. I played two new ones; Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac & a new one of mine called Boat. My friend recorded it, so when she’s back from Octoberfest I’ll try get it up on the web for you. I also played o2 Academy in Islington with James Page and Josh Flowers who were GREAT. Check them out, or just wait a few months and they’ll be massive. Top blokes as well. After squeezing six people, a keyboard and a guitar into a cab we went out in Shoreditch and ended up chatting in the gutter at 5am. I love London.

Went to Koko for Mick’s birthday celebrations to see Steve Aoki. Some lowie stole my camera, but apart from that, it was a top night. If you like electro and dubstep you have to see him live. BRILLIANT! He’s the one that does the Woop woop song.

Saw The Jezabels, who were quality, as always. And The Brick Lane music festival was on and Kimber, Jake, Mills, Jen, Mimma, Lans and I swung by. It was absolutely rammed and the quality wasn’t great.. but we had a good time and got our krump on.

Went to the park near Columbia Road for Josh’s birthday and ate some beautiful food prepared by the master-chef himself. Then Lans, Veronica, Amy and I went on a cocktail hop around East London.

I paid my last bulk of rent today – it felt good. I now have more disposable income so can do all the things on my bucket list if time permits! And perhaps a little recording.. oooooooooooooo.stop it!

I’m booking my last few gigs as we speak, so standby for those dates.

Had a little Croatia reunion and went out in South Kensington. It’s like another world there..

We’re rammed in the club and all trying to dance and a girl approaches Mills and says, “You need to move, b*tch.” What a charmer.

And as we danced a guy kept pushing me with his bum and his girlfriend was giving us dirty looks. Then the dude grabs the straw from my glass and throws it on the floor and looks at me and goes, “What you going to do?” Hahahaha bloody hilarious. Then all the girls were like “ooooooooooo, no you di-in’t”. Gimme a grimey bar in Shoreditch any day over that pretentious cup of joe.

Apart from the people there, it was kinda fun. We had oversized bottles of Grey Goose and Don Perignon in our little area and it was nice to catch up with some of the Croatia crew again.

There’s been a little heatwave in London the past five days. Unheard of temps for this time of year. 25-32 and loving it 🙂 I went to the park and chilled out and to a friends place for a barbie. I ate my body weight in food and Mills and pulled a rabbit out a a hat and showed the poms how we do a pavlova. Sunday I got up at 6am for the NRL Grand Final and Manly dominated!! Yeah boys. Went to the Walkabout with Kristen and Mick for the first time and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was 7am to be fair.

Then later Vic, Bec, Lans and I went to The Commercial for some ciders in the sun and then to a friends gig at The Rocket in Euston. Blooooody good. Check them out.


The heatwave continues, and the days fly by. How is it October? HOW?

I leave you with some some tunes that help me get through to 5:30pm, when I can run free on the piano and the streets of London.

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