Australia Is Bushy

I am back home in Sydney, Australia and suprisingly content. I’ve been back a week and a half and I’m already working, playing gigs, writing and getting my suntan on. There’s only been a small amount of mockery over my accent and the colour of my skin so I feel like I’m winning.

My last few weeks in London were just great. I squeezed in so much I wanted to do and Lans surprised me and took me out to High Tea in Mayfair. It was very posh indeed and we both forgot to use our strainers when pouring the tea and embarrassingly sat there with tea leaves between our teeth. We celebrated Halloween at Bec’s place & everyone dressed up and had a mad boogie. We had a pub dinner on Broadway Market and on my last day I went into Central London and walked around in the drizzle. I know I harp on about how great London is, how great my life is, how awesome my friends are etc etc but seriously they are. I just love them so much and they made my time in London what it was. I skyped Lans tonight and she said, “I’m doing all this fun stuff, and you’re not here, and I just think to myself… what’s the point?” lol.  So it may not be the city itself, but more the people that make your life wonderful.

Once home, I smashed some chicken twisties, burger rings, prawns and a strawberry freddo (not in one go) and I’ve returned to talking to strangers – on the walkway, at the RTA  and in the queue at Coles. I keep spinning my head around when I hear an Aussie accent and I remember I’ve flown the 23 hours home.

The Songs That London Built EP will be out Dec 2011. After a little hold up, it is now at the mastering joint so will be in my hot little hand in a week (fingers ccrossed!). I’m excited for you guys to hear it and have a little snapshot of the music I was playing, writing and pushing round town while I was in London.

I must say, being able to drive my keyboard to gigs is absolute heaven. I’m also appreciating the little things like a supportive bed, a shower where the curtain doesn’t flap and stick against the side of my leg, walking my dog along the harbour side to Manly, not having to dodge the gollies on Bethnal Green Road, wireless internet, having an iPhone (I’m actually obsessed), feeling the sand between my toes and the sun against my face, playing a real piano and coming home to peeps who love me (Ma & Pa).

On the other hand, I miss not knowing what I will be doing each night, meeting new people all the time, good falafels, my best friends that became like family and that special feeling like I’m in the centre of the universe.

It rained today and I walked outside and stood in it with a stupid grin on my face.

Last week I played at Pine St Sessions. Three musos head over to Josh’s house and play a few songs each. They record and film you playing and pop it up on their youtube channel. We all hung out and had a beer after and it was just a top day. Tom Jordan, Ziggy and Charlie Gradon played on my day and I was blown away. I played a gig with Tom back when I think he was 14.. I expected this little kid to walk through the door and in comes this man. I must’ve been gone longer than I thought.

And last night I played a little gig at the Cafe on Little Manly beach, and as the sun set down over the harbour side, it was very pretty indeed. I surveyed the crowd and noticed everyone in their thongs and me in my brothel creepers and was proud that I had brought a little peice of London home with me.

Larissa x

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