Sleep all day, dance all night

As Summer came to a close I squeezed two more little trips out of my legend of a boss.

First up was Lagos to visit my friend Jake who has been living and “working” as a kayak tour guide around the grottos of the Algrave coastline. Just by chance I had a few friends from London – Mick & Bob – and Jared my friend from Sail Croatia in town at the same time. We had a big night out Friday and for the rest of the time I swam, sunbaked, listened to music, wandered around the cobbled maze of Lagos’ old town and thought about how good life is.

If you ever visit Lagos, you must go to the Crosiantarria – some seriously tasty food, do a tour of the grottos and venture round from the touristy beaches to some of the nicest in the world. I had a little moment up the top of a headland where I saw one of the most beautiful views ever. So up there with Cinque Terre and my singing teacher’s house at Palm Beach (obviously I’m paying her too much). Jake’s house had the nicest vibe. Him and his flatmates just chill, listen to music, talk and draw. I can’t draw – but I could tell that for them it is what songwriting is for me. Being in that house got me thinking about whether or not I want to live in Surry Hills when I get home. I love the city vibe, and totally froth on East London, but being at the seaside made me feel really happy and content. So I have a wee pickle when I get home now, but either one is only a 30min drive away.

Wow, just got real sidetracked! So after four days in beautiful Lagos I said byes and headed back to rainy London for two days then it was off to IBIZA to meet Lans and Bec. While I was waiting to board I got a text from Bec saying Lans had missed the ferry from Seville to Ibiza. Bloody typical!!!!! She doesn’t travel with a phone, so we just hoped that she was ok and could get to Ibiza asap. Meanwhile, Bec and I cracked open a cider and got the party started. We went to F Me I’m Famous on Thursday night and although David Guetta wasn’t playing (yep, he cancelled two days prior – get me a bullet) it was still so so much fun. There were robots with lasers too, and the music was right up my alley. We bought one drink at £14 a pop which is simply outrageous and decided we’d try woo some men. I chose two victims from across the bar and we made our way over all doe eyed. After about ten mins we realised they were gay. I just have no gaydar WHATSOEVER. So we smoke bombed it and hit the df until 6am. Walking home we kept congratulating ourselves about how god damn pristine our stamina was. One night down, three to go.

We got out of bed about 3pm and hit the deck chairs by the pool and read and napped till the evening. Lans arrived (yay) and we canned on again and went to a club called Privilege. It is the biggest club in the world and had a show on the massive stage. The show included half naked women in a mock carwash, and the music was that stuff that repeats the same line for about ten minutes then builds a smidge and everyone screams and then it drops back down and we start again. Wasn’t really my thing.

Day three we slept till 4pm got up and canned on. We had a few drinks with the French boys next door (who were just lovely) and after a recommendation from the dude at the ticket shop (probably the nicest Spanish/Swiss person on the planet) we went to a bar called Blue Marlin. It was on the beach and kinda classy and had a really nice atmosphere. We boogied and drunk free mojitos from the hot Italian barman. Pretty sure he has put out an AVO on Lans – “Mi Piachhhhhiiiiiiii”.

Sunday we dragged ourselves out of bed at 9am to go to Formentera (Formentera is the smaller and more southerly island of the Pine Islands group – thanks wiki). I don’t know if this is a recent development but I got reeeaalllyy sea sick on the way there. Seriously, not okay. We grabbed bicycles and rode to the beach and spent most of the day there. It was super hot and kinda breezy so we didn’t realise how burnt we were getting, especially as I’d taken my pillow and kept dozing off. By 4am my neck and end of my nose were raw. Sexy. We rode back and of course had to see more of the island and do a massive detour so that we were pushed for time and had to Lance Armstrong it back to the boat. I just kept yelling at Lans, “THIS IS NOT FUN”. We made the boat and sat below deck this time and it was much better on the belly. We had a little nap and then canned on and walked to Space. This was my favourite club as it was big, had high ceilings, loads of friendly people and GREAT music. We danced the night away and at 630am called it a night. We walked home along Bora Bora beach as the sun came up and it was just beautiful. I had one hours sleep and got up to head to the airport. I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone. On the bus from London airport to home I started to twitch and went a bit delirious. Got to bed at 5pm and slept through til 9am for work the next day.

Geeeeeeeeeez, Ibiza is one crazy place and I thought that I just had to tick it off the list, but I will definitely go back. I had such a fun time, and I’m sure it didn’t hurt that I was with Bec and Lans who are the best of fun and the nicest peeps around. So now I’m settled back in London and my tan’s starting to fade and I’m already wearing my coat. But last night I saw The Jezabels (boy can Nik Koloper drum) and last weekend I saw Steve Aoki (probs the funnest night out in London since I’ve been here. Dubstep melts my heart). And I’m seeing Gotye in November, just before I come home to Aus.

I’ve started compiling a bucket list – all the things I want to do before I go home, and I’ve crossed off the first thing-  Gordon’s Wine Bar. Had a really great night out there with Ez, Marianne, Vic, Jared and Tyler. Drunk some misc. wine and smashed a whole lotta cheese 🙂  More bucket list info to come.

 I’ve got a gig this Friday at The Troubadour, Old Brompton Road, Earl’s Court 830pm and another at the o2 Academy, Islington, which is actually Parkview St in Angel on Saturday the 24th of Sept 8pm.

I’ve been writing lots – I probably have about 15 new songs, some of which I’m yet to finish but it’s good to know I’m still inspired.

Triple J at home are launching a radio station for Triple J Unearthed which is so great. You must all support it! We really do have great opportunities in Aus. There is nothing like that here in London.

Till next time,


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