Just Embrace It! It’s Cultural..

So this past month has been off tha heeeezey!

My sister Lauren came to visit for a month. We rekindled our love for one another, our mutual love for cheese, wine and partying and being silly gooses.

First stop was Paris. We did all the touristy stuff and went off the beaten track and had some reeeaally tasty meals and did some shopping. It’s such a magical city that makes you feel like you’re in a film. Then back to London for a few days and we were off to Trieste in Italy with Mils and Lans. We only had a few days there but it is also such a beautiful city. On our second night we had some cocktails and walked around town and came across a little party. The number one radio station was recording live and had set up a little party on the street. We had a few very strong bevs (god bless Europe and their free pooring) and chilled in the sofas. Then one of the hosts came up to us and asked if we wanted to go on live national radio. Why the hell not!!?? They thought I was a dead ringer for Katy Perry and were very impressed I was also a singer. They asked us a few questions – “Why did you come to Italy?” – “Italian boys!! Woooooooooo” hahahaha the vodka had spoken.

The next evening we set off for Split, Croatia on the overnight bus. I had been dreading this bus ride as my neck is easily crunked and my sense of smell easily shaken, but to be honest, after a hefty recline and a few sleeping pills, I was sweet sailing. Mils had told us about a friend who took the same bus and woke up to a freak sucking her toe. Amazing.

The bus arrived in Split at 4am. Feeling pretty rough, we headed to the park where we squatted till we could check-in. We all had a sleep like the one where you nod off on the lounge in the middle of the day and dribble everywhere. Sexy.
That city’s like a maze. We spent a few hours looking for the hostel and asked every god damn Croat for directions and they were all lovely.

We met up with the rest of the crew & had a nice meal and wandered about town and went to the beach. I felt oddly out of place like an English tourist on a Australian beach (go figure) but within an hour I felt right at home. We had cocktails at the beach bar and breathed in that sweet sweet ocean air.

The next day we boarded our special little boat called Penelopa. For the next week we stopped off at different islands and towns, drunk and swam and sunbaked in the day and partied at night. Honesty it was the funnest most relaxing and enjoyable week of my life. Our crew were so lovely and energetic – we were very lucky. One day we docked and hired mo-peds and rode round the island and had lunch. The view was like a postcard. Another day we dressed up in toga and gave all the locals a fright. Another day we hired a convertable and drove round the island and down a dicey round to a nearly untouched beach with the clearest water. We had a photoshoot. Another day we had warning from the captain that the seas were really rough, but we wanted to go to Hvar (the party island) so they were going to push through it!! Bless!! I set up camp in my li-lo with a water bottle and a book. Robbo was in the hammock and Jared on another li-lo. We were chatting away and I thought I seemed fine as I rarely vomit and have developed a slight phobia towards it. As the seas got rougher and the boat rocked harder I put my book down and took a sip of water. Robbo claimed the hammock was prime position as it “rocked with the boat”. As Jared and I chatted, I saw Laur come up deck with her towel in her hand and didn’t say a word. She slumped down onto the li-lo and shut her eyes. Jared and I kept chatting and my stomach gripped onto last night’s vodka harder, and I saw Robbo slink away out of “prime position”. I laid down and wrapped my towel around me. Jared turned over and fell asleep and I went to my happy place. The worst of it lasted a few hours, but the memory of that day will stay with me forever. I didn’t chunder but Robbo reported later that he had gotten cold and went down to his room to get his t-shirt. In his room he got waves of nausea and ran out the the rail and had a wretch over the side. I still picture his face as he slunk away and it makes me smile. Laur said she was very close and Jared had taken a motion sickness tablet the b*stard, but woke up with a crunk neck (karma for not sharing).

We made it to Hvar and took a trip up to the port to the nicest view (see pic) We went to Hula Hula bar and watched the sunset and to a sweaty bar called Nautica where my dreams came true and a French guy did the Dirty Dancing lift when Time of My Life came on. TICK.

Our last stop was Dubrovnik and it is just the sweetest town ever. You must go. We went to the famous Sky Bar where Lans o.d-ed on cocktail buckets and we had another night reminiscent to her birthday bash. Think vomit but with no cast. The next morning we said goodbye to Penelopa, Big Daddy and all our friends (except Lans who couldn’t bring herslef to move let alone speak – I’m not even joking- ahahhaah) and made our way to our hostels for the last night in Dubrovnik. We all had a BIG sleep and in the evening went to a really nice restaurant and walked around old town eating gelato.
Laur and I got up in the morning and walked around the old town wall before making our way to Barcelona!

Another very cool city. Very different to anywhere I’ve been but I loved it. All the architecture is just beautiful and forward thinking. We did a big tour of the city, had a picnic in Guell park, went to the beach and had the nicest meal of my entire life. No joke. We went back on our last night again. Laur’s got the name of the place if you want it, but you have to post me back some prawn skewers.

I met some of the nicest, most friendly and fun people on the trip and I remembered how beautiful Australians are and how much I love to travel this amazing planet of ours. I still have Lagos and Ibiza in a few weeks!! And I have signed myself up to row 23 miles in a canoe for charity. Please sponsor me as I need to know that through my pain I will help others. I’ll post another blog with the details on it when the sponsor page is set up.

My bestie Fliss is now in town and it has been so great seeing her and catching up on the past year and a half. She is travelling for a few months then settling in London 🙂 Hayles, Fliss and I ahd Field Day on the weekend and it was a blast. SBTRKT was awesome.. WILDFIRE went off.

SO some GREAT news!! I am playing at this year’s Festival of the Sun in Port Macquarie on December 9 & 10. I’m absolutely stoked… and this means I will be coming home a little earlier than anticipated. Everyone buy tickets as the lineup is great, and apparently it is a really fun and well organised festival.

My next gig is at Strongroom Bar, Curtain Road, Shoreditch, London on Wed 24th of August at 9pm and I’m playing with James Page who’s awesome so come along. Here’s the FB event.. https://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=149391585143871

Till next time..



One Reply to “Just Embrace It! It’s Cultural..”

  1. hahahahaha loved it. i cant stop laughing about the sea sickness! lol i have tried to retell that story but i think you had to be there. hahaha

    please lets start planning the next holiday now. i miss the fun times and funny stories.

    cant wait till your home greet.

    love you xoxox

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