Galavanting and a Man with a Stinky Hand

I’ve been reading a book that despite giving me war nightmares, is really good. I even walk home from the station reading it, hoping I don’t meet a telegraph pole. It might be one for the girls though – The Bronze Horseman. If you go to you can get secondhand books delivered to your door for close to nothing. BOOM.

The gig at Strongroom Bar was great fun. What a cool little venue tucked away in shoreditch. The boys from Cloud control came and I was that nervous. But they’re all top blokes and with free whiskey tokens hot in my hand, we had a great night. I’m playing there again on August 24th with James Page.

I went to a party at Sound Advice and as the night progressed things got more and more surreal. I ended up jamming with a drummer and bass player and a few guys from inxs. I nearly died seriously. We played Just The Wind, Let Me Stay and Freedom (an Amos Lee cover). I chatted to them and their manager for ages after and went into sponge mode. They are veterans and all such nice guys and I learned a lot from them. Also made a contact and might be doing some gigs later in the year up in Liverpool 🙂

At The Slaughtered Lamb I played with a guy called Matthew P. He was from Suffolk so I couldn’t really understand him but he was great. Kinda surfy/pop/ The Kooks vibe so check him out. The Corner Shop gigs are going really well. Thanks to all who are coming down to hang out. Got the last one this Sunday 5-8pm if you’re around. Cnr Old Street & Shoreditch High St in East London. Then next gig is July 1st and then I’m off travelling for a month. My sis is in town so try make it and show her a good time. It’s at The Good Ship, Kilburn High St, Kilburn. 830pm.

It was Leah’s 21st so on Saturday we went to Ascot Races to celebrate! God it was a good day. We had a champagne breakfast with panckaes and crosssiants beforehand and at the track the sun even came out on what we thought was going to be a pisser of a day!  On the way to breakie while Lans and I were waiting for Leah and Amy (yes WE were waiting for THEM) in our races gear, an old man fell to the ground outside my flat. He started moaning and flailing his limbs about so we edged over. At closer inspection I realised he was homeless as his clothes were grubby as hell. He had his hand reaching out to us and was slurring, “heeeellp mooiii aaaarrp”. We edged a little closer and I thought the whole situation was just ridiculous. I looked at his hand and it was so weathered and orange and crustified – I just couldn’t bring myself to touch him. I smelt a rat- and poor Lans (she’s too nice) caved and was trying to help him up saying “you have to help yourself too. I can’t lift you!” She ended up holding his hand and unintentionally spinning him around on his back like a turtle. It was hilarious! As he moved closer and closer to her and her bare legs I started to get a bit worried and she yelled “you’re hurting me!”, and dragged him to the railing. When he was stood up we bolted inside. I poked my head out the door and saw him strolling down Bethnal Green Road. “What a f-er”, Lans said, and ran to the bathroom and washed her hands till they were prawny.

I saw Tim & Jean as Aussie duo from Perth play last week and they were AMAZING. They have set off a weird feeling inside me and I never thought I would say this, but I think I’ll be ready to go home soon. I miss my family, my dog, my band, my friends, driving my car, Australian friendliness and our sense of humour, the music, the weather and the way we’ll give anything a go once. Don’t get me wrong London is bloody amazing – but home is home and I gots the yearning.

But till then imma have a hell of a good time..



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