The Smell of Summer

How has it been a month since my last post? HOW?

The Great Escape was so much fun. My faves were The Jezabels (that drummer is the shizzle), Ben Howard (acoustic bliss), Bag Raiders (boogie bliss), Friendly Fires & Team me. The vibe of Brighton was amazing, and everyone was so happy and there cause they love music 🙂 I’d definitely reccommend going if you’re in the UK next year in May. It’s so well run – I forgot the print off our tickets (how unlike me?), but it was no problemo. I went with Bec & Mel who I met there last year and Lans, and I felt like I didn’t stop laughing the whole time.

I saw a play called In The Forest Dark & Deep with the dude from Lost. We were in the nosebleed section but there was a Q&A after the show which was really interesting. There’s always one tool though that’s gotta talk poop. Lans and I took a few cheeky pics of Mr Fox, although the sun on that island really aged the poor fella. The play itself was great – one scene, two characters and with time, the plot thickens.

We also saw Carl Barron. “Sometimes… I’m a dickhead”. Ohh, it was so funny I had tears.

Took a little trip up to Manchester & Liverpool over the bank holiday weekend with Lans, Bec and Vic.  Manchester was a little.. How do I put this? .. It was a hole. Fun nightlife though –  for example,  I lost my wallet, Bec lost her camera and Vic walked into a glass door and pretty much broke her nose. But don’t worry, Lans didn’t escape – I have just been informed that while she was in Budapest this past week she lost her fur coat and jewellery she bought in Morroco. Sometimes we’re just not good at life.

Liverpool was heaps of fun. Really pretty and around the docks has been all refurbished and it’s kinda swanky. We had a good night out there too and saw four girls stack it cause their dresses were too tight, their heels too high and they couldn’t see through their fake eyelashes. We did the Beatles tour and I saw the exact place where John and Paul first met and the room in John’s house where they used to jam. I jizzed in ma pants! It was incredible. We also went to The Tate and ate a good roast. Laughed myself silly on this trip away too.

There have been some really hot and sunny days, as Summer offically clocked over a week ago. When I say hot I mean 24 degrees, but I did get burnt. We’ve been hitting the park and a group of us went to Greenwich for the day and it was loads of fun. Had a good Thai feed and got jugs of Pimms at the R-y.

So I got my hair chopped – see video below 🙂

I’ve started my Cheese, Wine & Larissa McKay gigs at The Corner Shop – – Sundays in June from 1-4pm. And have a gig this Sat night at The Slaughtered Lamb 34 Great Sutton St, just near Old St, East London. Then the next one’s in Kilburn on July 1st. My sis is here (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY) so come hang out.

My last few gigs have been so much fun – There’s a video of me singing Ricocheted at 93 Feet East here – and I really can’t thank my friends and fans enough for coming out and supporting me, you’re all legends. And to Lans, Mick, Bob, Mark, Kimber, Lisa, Josh, Zee and Jake, thanks for lugging my keyboard with me. I won’t forget your kindness.

Saw this vid yesterday and laughed so much. I think you will enjoy it also. Bye for now

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