Snowy Austria, Sunny Sydney and Bustling London

Hey everyone,

I’ve been terribly slack with my little blog. So here’s a catch up on what’d been happening!

The film clip for Hey You was filmed over three days in London. I had a such a great time and couldn’t have asked for better weather, better company or a better result. Thanks to Greg, Heather, Jo, Robbie, Leah, Andy, Nick G and Sami for being awesome and lending us their houses, time or possessions.

On my bday, the 20th, I did a bit of last minute filming with Greg and then went to Winter Wonderland. I usually spend my birthday at the beach so it was so pretty cool to be rugged up, drinking egg nogg and walking around Hyde Park.

The next morning had to get up at 330am to head to Gatwick to fly to Zurich with Alana J (Lans) and Alana G (Alana). We were a little worried cause the snow had been cancelling loads of flights, so we got there extra early and waited with all the other potential holidayers. Alana G’s bag ends up being overweight cause of all the shit Lan’s and I offload to her to check in. So we rejuggle everything and distrectly hide our handbags under our coats. Then Alana’s bag is too big to go on the coveyer belt so we take it to oversized lugguge. So by this time our flight is boarding and we’re still yet to go through customs and security, so we barge through, and then have to sprint to the boarding gate. Which is something ridiculous like 55. As we’re sprinting I can feel my lungs burning and Alana’s boot zipper breaks and she’s hobbling along trying to keep her shoe on. Lan’s takes one for the team and flies off towards the gate. We finally make it and cause we’re all wearing our snow gear and themals, sit down and are so puffed and sweaty. Lans just goes “typical”. lol.

Zurich is a very pretty city. We went on a tour to the top of the Swiss Alps, never been so cold in my life. It actually felt like the skin on my face was burning off. But the view was stunning and we got some beautiful photos. Lans wore inappopriate attire and nearly got frostbite cause her boots were broken and the snow going straight into her shoes. We walked inside a glacier and made friends with Heinz our 60 year old tour guide. He hated a chat.

We had cheese fondue for dinner and looked around the Christmas markets and had a photo shoot by the river.

The next morning we got the train to Innsbruck and met up with the rest of the Aussie crew. There were 23 of us staying in a massive chalet in Stum. Lans and I decided to snowboard and got our lesson on the first day with Lee-Lo. Bloody hilarious how many times we stacked it. My coxix was in a bad way but I tell ya what! It was worth it.

On day three we decided to go to the park where pros do jumps and tricks, so we could watch. We met Bo and Carla and Smitty, Lans, Alana, Tommy and I followed their lead. We had to go on a few runs to get there, they were red runs, but we’d done one the day before, so thought it would be okay. mmmmmm.

We reached a hurdle when the crest of the slope was ridiculously bumpy. I could see Lans up ahead, bum in the air, holding onto the mountain for dear life screaming “oohh mmmyyy daaayys” so I decided I would take my board off and walk over these bumps. Then, I saw the real problem – This hill was insane. I edged on my bum a little way holding the board, then all of a sudden I was off down the icy cliff – my arse like melted butter on a pancake. The snow was flying up into my face and as I tried to stop myself, the board slipped from my fingers and it took off down the mountain. Everyone was screaming (maybe just me) and I was so scared it was gonna take someone out from behind. I stopped and wacthed my only way down this (bloody) mountain fly off the cliff and into god knows where. Lans slid closer and as she approached I think saw the fear etched into my face cause she took one (again) for the team and edged her way down the cliff and after fifteen minutes I could heard.. Tyyyyyyyylleeeeeerrrrrr, so I knew she’d found help. Tyler found my board – I think in a tree lol. I slid on my bum the whole way down and the last bit was actually quite fun cause it was fluffy. Meanwhile, other Alana had admitted defeat and was sat on the cliff waiting for help. We called for help (the buggie of shame) and the guy rescued her. The story continues.. just think more ridiculous cliffs, the sun getting dangerously close to setting and a lot of remarks including, “this is not fun”. “This is actually not okay!”.
The rest of the trip was bloody amazing and by the last day, Lans and I could do s curves (I made that terminology up) down the mountain.

Back in London, we went out to a friends’ place for cocktails for New Years celebrations and hoped on the tube across down to a club in East London and had a cracker.

I said my byes, then on Jan 12th I flew back to Sydney.

It’s been great being home and seeing my family and playing with my band. We’ve played The Vanguard for the Hey You Video Launch- and depsite rocking up and the venue telling me the projector had blown up the day before and they had no replacement (get me a bullet seriously!!) – it was a great gig. Thanks to Jordan Millar and Jugu who played before us, it was a great night.
Then on Friday we played at The Markets By Moonlight in The Rocks which was good fun and we’re recording in a few weeks (hell yeah!).

I’m playing at a Floodraiser at Henry Afrikas on Fri 25th of Feb. I’m on first at 7pm, and it’s $20 and goes to a great cause!
Our next band gig is March 2nd at Notes in Newtown, Sydney. Ticket avail from

I’ve been reunited with John Mayer’s live DVD, Where The Light Is, and it brightens up my day and is softening the blow of being away from London. Sydney is a great place to live, there’s loads to do and the weather is quality, but people in London live each day with the attitude of “why not?” – something I believe in – and I miss my like-minded people.

That said – the sushi, playing with my band, laughing with my sis and running into old friends, really floats my boat.


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