Recording: Living Analogue

My band and I have spent the past week in the studio laying down a new family of songs for you all. What started out as an EP has grown into nine songs – six revamped oldies, two new ones, and the last which I wrote a few days ago. Today I went to Andrew’s flat to record vocals and was so impressed with his setup. He was in the family room and I in his bedroom leading into the ensuite and he’d hooked it up so we could talk like walkie talkies all professional like innit.

Some days I wake up and talk and I sound like death and other days my voice sounds like well, to quote Andrew “creamy goodness”. I got lucky and lasted through six and a half hours of belting and got all the songs done. I’m truly pooped now and may have lost my mojo a few times along the way. Who would have thought singing to the click would’ve brought me back?

I can’t thank my mazing band and friends Andrew Warren, Adam Pecar and Jordan Roach enough for all the time and effort they’ve put into this project. They do it for the love of music and are so patient, creative, genorous and fun. We still have to mix but it should be ready to go in a few weeks.

The mini-album will be released at The Vanguard on Sunday April 3rd, 8pm. 42 King St, Newtown, Sydney. It’s $10 and will also be my last gig and last night in Oz for a long while. So come have a drink, and say bye and help celebrate. Tickets avail thru

Get High. Let Me Stray. Living Analogue. Hope Love. Soldier. Falling Away. Just The Wind. Ricocheted. What She Wanted.

I just watched Standing In The Shadows of Motown again with Dad and this song makes me feel a tingley. Talk about a tune.. band.. voice..

Love Larissa

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