Home Stretch

You probably know by now that I’m returning to Sydney town in January for a few months, and I feel kinda ready. London has been a wild ride, don’t get me wrong! But I haven’t been to the beach or cuddled my dog or eaten good sushi or played with a band for a very long time and I can’t wait to do those things among a whole bunch of others.

My track Hey You is pretty much done. I’m so so happy!! It should be up on iTunes for you all to buy in a few weeks and preproduction has started for the accompanying video (OMG!!)

I have a show this Tuesday Nov 30th at Monto Water Rats 730pm, £5 from me (email larissamckaymusic@gmail.com ) or £8 at the doorI would love you all to come celebrate with me and go out with a bang. But never fear, I will be back next year 🙂

I played at Troy Bar last night and it was great fun as usual. Thanks to the peeps who came down.

The night before I supported Sarah Blasko in Brighton at Audio. It was pretty surreal and exciting and I shook her hand and met her and she was lovely. Her show was beautiful as usual and if you don’t have her album As Day Follows Night, you should. I got to play their Nord Stage 76 note. I’m still undecided.. I’m still a faithful Roland fan – although today I leant down to get a coke bottle from a packet of lollies (sweets) and my back spasmed. It could’ve been karma finally biting me on the arse for all the sugar I eat, or it could be an unfair whipping for shlepping the god damn keyboard across London this past week.

Lans has organised me and Whit to meet her at a surprise location tomorrow at 11am.  The only clues are it’s something we’re in need of and we have to bring our cossie (swimming costume). She is abusing the power and making me quite paranoid.  Flashes of us swimming the Thames so she can tick it off her list have come worryingly to mind. I’m quite excited though- what a sweetie. Loving Leah and Lans living round the corner! Told ya East London was where it’s at yeah? Leah is a good influence, we cook actual meals together. We have Whit and Fran’s farewell this weekend. Fun, but also a little sad  😦

It’s pretty cool now, there’s frost on the fottpath in the morning! Not quite beanie weather but getting there. Seems strange to think eveyone at home is in thongs (flip flops) and shorts.



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