Moving on up (movin on up)

So yesterday I skipped work and went to the Chiropractor  in the morning to try a fix my bung neck and mouse shoulder. I decided cause I’d be getting the quieter tube at 10am, I could take some stuff to work to store (cds, books, beach towels, amp).

So I walk out of the chriopractor and the handle of the paper bag I was carrying the stuff in broke. Had to lugg it under my arm, with the amp in the other hand and my handbag swung round my back. Totally undid the chiro work..

So because of that and the memories of lugging an ironing board, iron, clothes horse, doona, two pillows and hairdryer home from Argos (f’n kill me), I’ve decided to hire a man in a van to move all my stuff from Clapham North to Hackney – my new home! The move in the van with old mate Wilson takes place tonight at 7pm.  If you haven’t heard from me please send out the search party.



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