Cheers Lizotte’s

Friday’s gig at Lizotte’s was great. It is such a top venue, all the staff members were super friendly and helpful and the audience appreciative. Is a great night out if you’re looking for something to do. Loads of cool artists are playing there over the next few months including Darren Percival, Clare Bowditch and heaps of other quality Aussie voices.

I want to poach Mark Seymour’s guitarist Cameron. He is fricken amazing. Had the best ear I’ve heard in a long long time and was a super nice bloke too. Mark Seymour was really good. He played Do You See What I See, Holy Grail and Throw Your Arms Around Me, so I left a happy gal. There is something so great about watching the vets perform. Seymour had some great stories about being Aussie and touring and the bush. My banter included such gems as-  “Our bass player couldn’t play tonight, he’s got gallstones”.

We hope you get better soon Adam, poor thing.

Next gigs are below and on the gigs page on this website!

Tue. September 25th 8-10pm – 4 Pines Brewing Company (29/43-45 East Esplanade  Manly New South Wales 2095) – Sydney – SOLO

Thu. September 27th 8-10pm –  Pony Room (28 Pittwater Road Manly NSW 2095) – Sydney – SOLO

Sun. October 14th 7pm – 9pm –  Pony Room (28 Pittwater Road Manly NSW 2095) – Sydney – SOLO

Wed. November 7th 8pm – The Boatshed (40 The Corso  Manly New South Wales 2095) – Sydney – BAND

Starting to seriously think about recording again and it’s getting very exciting. Can’t wait to get some fresh tunes out to you all! In the meantime, music is on iTunes and Spotify and under Larissa McKay and larissa & the wild grey.

Had a great weekend in the sun riding my bike, talking rubbish at The Steyne and chilling at Queensie lagoon with Jakey. This Summer’s going to be AWESOME!

Love Larissa x

PS: How do you get rid of static cling?

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