Why I Love Playing Music for Weddings (& my favourite songs)

I love playing live wedding music for ceremonies, there’s nothing quite like it in terms of music performing. I love being a part of a couples’ special day; creating a beautiful atmosphere as guests arrive, settling everyone but also building excitement and joy in the space through music. Everyone is slightly nervous and I feel like I am the anchor that happily grounds them. I love watching the emotion and expressions of joy on their faces and hearing the words they have chosen to express the way they feel about each other. I see the reactions of their loved ones, the often unseen support from groomsmen, the flutter of anxiety from friends rushing around organising things and the zen of the celebrant.

My wedding day was so special and I felt so engulfed by love and joy.  When brides and grooms choose me to play music for their wedding it really is an honour.

My favourite wedding ceremony songs to play..
Can’t Help Falling in Love – the lyrics to this song are so cute & who doesn’t love Elvis
Latch – the dynamics in the melody create some beautiful rise and fall moments
At Last – the melody of this song is so fun to sing with all those bendy notes

Being a live wedding musician is the best job. I get to travel all over Sydney and to beautiful places in the country like Orange and the Hunter Valley which I may not have visited otherwise. I get to try lots of different beautiful wines and food and work with other creatives who are passionate about what they do. I get to meet lots of different people and all with my hubby by my side (most of the time). But the thing I love most is that I have the chance to share my gift of music to so many different people of all ages, walks of life and to see them enjoying themselves is just the best.

Love & gratitude..
Larissa x

Jake and My Wedding Day
Palm Beach Wedding Musician
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Reunited with a piano while travelling

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Cheers Lizotte’s

Friday’s gig at Lizotte’s was great. It is such a top venue, all the staff members were super friendly and helpful and the audience appreciative. Is a great night out if you’re looking for something to do. Loads of cool artists are playing there over the next few months including Darren Percival, Clare Bowditch and heaps of other quality Aussie voices.

I want to poach Mark Seymour’s guitarist Cameron. He is fricken amazing. Had the best ear I’ve heard in a long long time and was a super nice bloke too. Mark Seymour was really good. He played Do You See What I See, Holy Grail and Throw Your Arms Around Me, so I left a happy gal. There is something so great about watching the vets perform. Seymour had some great stories about being Aussie and touring and the bush. My banter included such gems as-  “Our bass player couldn’t play tonight, he’s got gallstones”.

We hope you get better soon Adam, poor thing.

Next gigs are below and on the gigs page on this website!

Tue. September 25th 8-10pm – 4 Pines Brewing Company (29/43-45 East Esplanade  Manly New South Wales 2095) – Sydney – SOLO

Thu. September 27th 8-10pm –  Pony Room (28 Pittwater Road Manly NSW 2095) – Sydney – SOLO

Sun. October 14th 7pm – 9pm –  Pony Room (28 Pittwater Road Manly NSW 2095) – Sydney – SOLO

Wed. November 7th 8pm – The Boatshed (40 The Corso  Manly New South Wales 2095) – Sydney – BAND

Starting to seriously think about recording again and it’s getting very exciting. Can’t wait to get some fresh tunes out to you all! In the meantime, music is on iTunes and Spotify and cdbaby.com under Larissa McKay and larissa & the wild grey.

Had a great weekend in the sun riding my bike, talking rubbish at The Steyne and chilling at Queensie lagoon with Jakey. This Summer’s going to be AWESOME!

Love Larissa x

PS: How do you get rid of static cling?

Guitarist Wanted

Sydney based singer/songwriter Larissa McKay is looking for a lead guitarist to add another dimension to the band’s current sound. Think Indie Missy Higgins, John Mayer etc.
Recording an EP at the end of the year with a producer, and gigs every few weeks. We want someone who has a good ear, has stage and recording experience, loves music and is pretty easy-going. We have all been playing together for four years and want to develop our image and sound – so someone with the same mindset is ideal.
If you think you have the chops and the personality, have a listen to our songs and make sure we’re on the same page. If we are, please email larissamckaymusic@gmail.com with a little blurb on what you’ve done and an MP3 of your playing if possible.