Coming Back For More

  • It’s official!

I’m playing some shows in London in July. Raaaaah. So bloody excited to experience more of what life has to offer, play and write more music, dodge Winter and walk along the grimey streets of East London again!

Stay tuned for dates as they’re in the woodwork as I type.

Since the slip back in March I sprained my hip flexer muscle. I’m not going to go into the ins and outs of it but I’ll tell ya what, it was the most excruciating pain of maaaa liiife. I’m fairly confident I could pop a baby out without even noticing. The injury has sky rocketed my pain threshold to a new level.

I’ve been having singing lessons with a beautiful woman who is unleashing my voice and it’s pretty cool hearing the little changes in power and range. Can’t wait to record my new & improved voice at the end of the year. My beautiful band has grown to drums, bass, keys and vocals and two sexy backing singers. It’s sounding great and we’re playing around with songs and seeing where we can push each other musically. I am so lucky to have these special friends who love playing my music and are so patient and giving. Thanks Andrew, Adam, Lloyd and Essy.

Last night we played Lizotte’s Sydney and it was mad fun. Thanks to all who came along. Next up is The Beach Rd in Bondi on June 7th. Always a good night there and will be the last before I jet, so put it in the diary.

My job’s still great. Although it pains me to get up before 8am, I’m doing it and enjoy learning new skills and having a purpose each day. Believe it or not, sleeping in, exercising, playing music and being poor does have it’s downsides. You’ll end up watching too much True Blood and start thinking in a Southern American Accent. My boss also bought me a little present (see photo) – legend.

I went to Groovin The Moo with my sis last weekend and got my City & Colour fix. Dallas Green you talented man, even though you wore a silly hat, I still love you. Adrian Lux was world class, Kimbra finally won me over (she’s amaze) and Matt Corby was stunning as always. As for you Muscles – go jump off a cliff, you are the most pathetic professional live act I’ve ever seen. Woooooo, Ahhhhhh NOT OKAY mate.

It was great to get out of Sydney and cruise the highway. I love going to festivals with my sister. Our bodies are pretty much replicas of one another so anytime we’re excited, tired, hungry, in need of the loo, in need of a drink – I pretty much always have someone to roll with. And she’s pretty fun too.

I sold one of my keyboards last night. It went to a good home – the lady was so excited and I’m sure she’ll enjoy him as much as I did. I wrote Hey You, Boat, Time To Delete and many others on that keyboard so I was a little emo.

I am a Music Oz Finalist in the singer/songwriter section for 2012 which is pretty exciting, and I also made this website myself. Bought the domain name and figured out how to link it to wordpress.

I’m off to Melbourne this weekend with Jakey. He’s never been so it’s going to be pretty fun.

Till next time,

Larissa x




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