*Slippery When Wet

I had a wee moment the other night.  And it came at the perfect time.

Sometimes it is hard not to be brought back down to China Town by the realists and pessimists that worry about me. I’m 25, I’m scrapping the barrel of my forever dwindling funds, I’m working 9 to 5 and I still live at home with my parents.  Some of these things ring serious alarm bells – even in my head, but I’m actually really happy.

I won’t  ever worry about pursuing a career that could possibly end in rehab or homelessness until I’m still pursuing it without the passion and warmth I feel now. I love music, I love writing music, I love creative people and playing piano and filling a room and someone’s soul with my voice. If you have a passion, you will understand me and my celestial rampage.

The 9-5 job isn’t breaking my balls off. My boss is a light-hearted, positive dreamer and surprisingly I am employed to keep her on the straight and narrow.  Our office is in Surry Hills – as close to London as I’m gonna get down under – and I really enjoy roaming the streets and listening to the junkies conversing in rape park (It’s actually called Ward Park but it hugs the housing commission estate.) I have found the most delicious wrap on the face off the earth. Do it. KOKO on Holt St, get the Chilli Beef Wrap and spend the rest of your life trying to repay me.

As the days get shorter and the nights a little cooler, I feel a sense of panic that the Winter months are fast approaching. I haven’t experienced a whole winter for five years. I don’t like the cold. It makes you pale, fat and depressed – a triplet I wouldn’t even wish upon an old boss of mine. He was not a nice man. He also had some dirty habits like constantly wiping his mouth with a hanky and speaking in rhetorical questions, a ploy to patronize his staff and make his ago a wincey big bigger. I would like to yet again dodge the winter drone and see some more of Europe and play some shows. Which brings me to why I’m still living with the rents.

I continue to put pen to paper and write songs about this and that and have met a special someone who makes me super happy. (It’s sickening right?) But by god I deserve it after all the mole’s I’ve fallen for (see Hey You). I have taken up singing lessons again which I am REALLY excited about. And there’s always a live show on the horizon  – just the way I like it.  The band and I played the Annandale on Saturday night and it was possibly the best we’ve ever played. This makes me very happy and forever grateful to Adam and Andrew who help bring my songs come to life.

I was meant to attend Playground Weekender but it was flooded out which is a mega shame. It is my favourite Aussie festival – reminds me so much of Bestival. See previous blog.. best time of maaa liffeeee. But we went to the replacement party which was still fun and nabbed some tickets for Future just to get our fix. Naked & Famous, The Rapture, Swedish House Mafia and Fat Boy Slim were my favourites.

I know I’m late to the band wagon, but my boss played Laura Marling’s album today and I really dug. I always thought she was a bit whingey and boring. But no, I was wrong.. also listened to Lykee Lee who I dug aswell. Bout time something touched me. Tomorrow is my turn and I shall douse her in every song John Mayer has ever written.

The week is International Fitness Week (free gym sesh.. don’t mind if I do) so I went on Saturday with my sis. It had been drizzling all day and as we walked out of the establishment and down the stairs, I took a sip from my Fiji water bottle and ate so much shizzle I had tears in my eyes. It was so wet and I couldn’t get any traction and just kept bumping down each step on my arse whilst shamelessly trying to grab onto the handrail.  It appeared that someone had greased that bad boy up with detergent. I finally came to a halt and my little Fiji bottle had the life squeezed out of it.

I’m editing all the little snippets of video I have captured over the past few years which I’m really enjoying and have been writing with different people and messing around with a beat pedal. I am playing a few solo shows of originals and covers through the week.. mainly at The Pony Room in Manly and The Foxtrot in Crows Nest. They are just the coolest bars ever. Get your tooshy down there for a nice pizza and a quality drop.

Still loving riding my bike round town and  just finished reading Veronika Decides To Die. By Paulo Coelho. It is a great book if you’re looking for one. And finished watching the series called The Slap – big thumbs up! And saw My Week With Marilyn last week and it was great too. Everything’s great innit.

Can’t believe I’ve been back from London for four months. It must be getting warmer over there.. I loved that feeling that the hard yards were over and Summertime was coming. Hopefully I’ll see you soon..

Larissa x


Thu April 5, 8-10pm SOLO, The Pony Room, Manly

Sun April 8, 1 – 4pm BAND, The Beach Road Restaurant, Palm Beach

Thu April 19, 8-10pm SOLO, The Pony Room, Manly


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