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I remember exactly where we were and how I felt when my oldest friend told me he was moving out of our street. It was only a fifteen minute drive away, but I missed him. I’d lost my Nintendo 64 buddy, my pool after school mate, my sneaking chips from the cupboard above the fridge bestie. And I often still feel this described emotion –  I’m always missing someone or something.  Maybe I should quit living in the past, but I’ve been told I’m quite sensitive, and these things burn inside me like a chronic bout of salmonella.

It’s been five weeks since I left old London town, and sadly it feels like a lifetime ago. I have slipped back into life on the Northern Beaches and am playing with my band again, partying at the old hot spots and running into old mate up the shops. It’s lovely really. One thing I am concerned about is the lack of inspiration. No one wrote a hit song from living a lovely day. Break my heart dammit, screw me over! I’m not too worried really, something always happens and when it does, the song bursts out of me.

I was fortunate enough to play Festival of the Sun a week ago in Port Macquarie. Those of you who are avid readers of my blog (there aren’t many) may know that London bestie, Lans, (among others) is born and bred in the fair town so it was super exciting to play there. I had two sets and by the second one I wasn’t nervous, so I really got to enjoy every second. When I played my cover of Bulletproof by La Roux, the crowd sung along and I had a “I love my life” moment. I hope one day hundreds of people will be singing one of my songs. My sis was my wing gal (bless her) and we had such a good time. Chuckled uncontrollably for nearly half trying to go to sleep one night – we got a bit silly. The music lovers who ran that festival were just the nicest people and I can’t thank Scott enough for giving me the opportunity to play. The audience were just really cool too – the festival had such a laid back vibe and so many people came up for a chat after and were really sweet.

I have to thank Kia also, who lent us a car to horde the keyboard and family up in. The sound system was terrific and we just put half the back seat down and fit everything in the cabin. I drove part the way and that cruise control was a gift from god. We hit a MAJOR storm on the way home too (probably the worst storm I’ve ever been on the road in)and I felt so safe in that car – even with us yelling directions like a scene out of Chevy Chase.

Our mates Jared, Robbo and Josh from Sail Croatia (see previous blogs) came to the festival too and the trio and their mates are the biggest champs ever. We had the best time and we hope to cross the QLD border soon to play some shows and party with them again.

Since being back, I’ve played a few times at Moonshine, up stairs at Hotel Steyne in Manly, which is an awesome newish cider & rum bar with great live music acts. Bout time Manly! We’re all very happy they’re supporting live music.

I have the first gig back with the whole band for my EP launch on Jan 18th at The Old Manly Boat Shed. It’s a free show so you must come down and see us play. We’re really excited and have been practising lots.


I also went to Outpost on Cockatoo Island with Jake to see some street art and it was really cool. Despite the torential rain and us missing the ferry, it was a joy. Saw Matt Corby play and seriously, if he isn’t top of the game in a year I’ll eat a punnet of cherry tomatoes. Saw OXBLVD play too and they’ve improved ten fold – standby for them to be all up in your grill. King Cannons and Pigeon at Fotsun were my faves, and of course Hungry Kids of Hungry, Dan Sultan and Ladyhawke too, but I’d already seen them play so it doesn’t really count. 

I should report quickly to my London friends’ delight that the weather here is pitiful. I wore tights and a jacket today and it has pretty much been raining all but five days since my return. “You sure brought the London weather back with you, didn’tcha.” “Ohh you should be used to this weather shouldn’t you?”  Get me a bullet.

Tonight, the night I write this blog, is the eve of my 25th birthday. It’s a coincidence really, I didn’t mean to be so dramatic.. So let’s have a happy birthday to me and Merry Christmas to you.

As I sit cross legged on my bed I reflect uncomfortably on 2011, probably one of my favouritest years yet, I remember not just what I did and where I went, but all those beautiful people I met along the way. It is those people that have made me happy, inspired me and made me feel loved. So thank you and here’s to 2012.



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