Flight Booked

I played at Troy Bar in Shoreditch on Thursday night and had a mad time. Hey You is proving to be a crowd favourite which is exciting! Can’t wait to record it. Thanks so much to everyone who came out and who bought an EP. Love ya.

Next GIG is at Zenith Bar in Islington on Friday October 29th.

I moved flats last week and am loving the new place. Only me and another girl, and my room’s quite big. I’ve got a shit little TV and no internet which is kinda cool cause I get home and read or play piano. I’m still loving Sara Bareilles’ new record.

I feel like there’s so much music out at the moment that I love, but a lack of female singer songwriters with really strong voices. There’s heaps of the Julia Stone, Emilliana Torrini, Ellie Goulding, Sarah Blasko vibe, but Sara B seems like the only one around who really sings. I know I’ve probably pissed a few people of with this comment, so please tell me if I’ve not discovered some music I’ll love.

Still loving Band Of Horses.

Essy has said goodbye and there’s a massive void which cannot be filled, but life here will continue and I guess there’s always someone or something you miss.

I’ve booked my flight home for Jan 10th. AAAHHHHHH!!! I’ll be playing some shows over Jan and Feb with my band and I can’t bloody wait. It’s been amazing playing solo – developing my performance and gaining loads more confidence- but I’m itching to rock out again.


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