Bye bye “Summertime”

The days here are getting shorter and the days much colder.. hence the bloody cold I have only just shaken ,off the back of Bestival. I still think about Bestival daily and wish I was back amongst the mud and wop wop wop with essy and Kiera but alas, I am back at work and trying to find yet another flat.

Flat #1
Arrived and they didn’t know what I was talking about ,then suggested it may be for the share room. How the f wants to share a room with a stranger? And who doesn’t say that in their ad?

I’d talked to, who I thought was a flamboyant man, on the phone and thought he sounded ok.  Got home and went to ride my bike but the chain was clicking and it wouldn’t peddle properly.  I flew off the handle (how unlike me) and had a winge to my flatmate about how the loiterers in our building had probably vandalised my pride and joy. Gabriel then rode it about and loosed it up. Turns out it was just the rain. Embarrassing.
I arrived at the flat in Clapton and peaked through the window. There was a purple and silver glittery banner hanging on the wall with JESUS written on it. Should’ve admitted defeat here, but knocked anyway. A lady with a toothy grin and bulgey eyes answered and I immediately felt like Gretel entering the Gingerbread House.
He/she asked me to take my shoes off and I thought – Shit! What if I have to run away and can’t find my shoes. He/she showed me round the house and the room was great. Really massive with a couch and big bed and a nice dresser but the other countless peices of JESUS paraphenalia really put me off and I got back on my bike.

Flat #3
A little far away in Hackney Wick, but really reasonably priced, awesome people – stayed out of my own will and chatted to them for nearly an hour – big living room, clean and tidy (until I get there bahahaha) but the room is pretty tight so playing my keyboard could present a challenge.

Looking at a few more, but I’m not really in the position to be choosey am I? I reckon the people matter more than the size of the room..

So Dad popped through London cause he was in Scotland for a Bentley launch and it was sooo good to see him. We went to Spitafields for a drink and some Pasta at an Italian resturant and had coffee, went to Goodge Street for lunch, looked at the markets and walked around London Fields and farted around heaps.

It  hit me how similar Dad and I are. I felt in no rush and neither did he, we both cruised about London and had a lovely time. I missed talking to Dad. He doesn’t say much a lot of the time (just let’s me yabber on about crap – bless) but he’s wise and intelligent and I really admire him.  He’s met so many amazing people and achieved so much and has never comprimised his values or what he believes in.

I read a quote in NME yesterday that has stayed with me.
“People know the cost of everything, and the value of nothing.”

So after a wee tear on the platform at Victoria, I said bye to Dad and headed back to Hackney to go out with my other fam – Luke, Essy, Alana and Whit. We headed out to Shoreditch and had an absolute cracker of a night!! Alana and I may or may not have gone straight to breakfast lol.

So it’s Essy’s last week as she is returning down under on Tuesday and it will feel like a limb has been hacked off with a chainsaw and been packed in her suitcase   😦  But I’ll see her in Jan 11 so I shouldn’t winge cause I am excited for her to start the next chapter. Love you Es and you’re gonna kill it on our airwaves.

Next gig is on Thursday Oct 7th at Troy Bar in Shoreditch. I’m real excited cause I had to cancel my last gig cause of this bloody cold. I apologise for anyone who was planning to come – I really hate bailing on gigs.

An EP is still being planned, just a matter of deciding whether to record over here in London or back in Aus. Lots of things to consider but either way I can’t wait. I have so many new songs I want to share with you all.

Still on the hunt for a band too – if you’re professional, a hard worker, friendly and like my tunes.

Till next time..

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