August already?

On Tuesday night I met Kelly, Luke and Essy at Trafalgar Square and we went through a hedge maze they have set up there for a while. It was pretty cool, until I managed to lose them. “Larissa.. follow. the. sound. of. my. voice!” Bless Kel.

We then walked up to Thai Square for a tasty meal and catch ups. Turns out I said Panang chicken in my head but Pad Thai came out of my mouth. What the? I’m losing the plot. So I had Pad Thai and a side of rice. Mmm carby. We then got snog (amazing frozen yoghurt) and had a merry time. Love those kids. Had missed central London.

Last night I went to check out my bike’s state and turns out I need four new brake pads and one new cable which’ll set me back 27 pounds, but I figure it’s better than a hospital bill. He’s booked in for Tuesday. Then I had a play and I finished Heartbreaker, a song I started to write just before I left Sydney six months ago. Finally coming up with a bridge has made my week. YAY! Then I went to Greg’s work to re-watch the two versions of the film clip and we have decided on a version and it will be launched next Wednesday! Exciting!! Then we went and saw Eclipse and I have to say Bella wasn’t as irritating as usual – mega bonus. The shirtless scenes are just ridiculous aren’t they, but I had to see it, even if I had to endure Greg’s sexual hand movements (I secretly loved them ha!)

So tomorrow I work, I pack, I try go to bed early and then get up at 3am (kill me) to get the train to the airport then the plane to Amsterdam. Then I will wait for 30 long minutes in disbelief for Sof’s flight to arrive. Promise I don’t well up just thinking about seeing her. Love you Sim.

It’s a strange thing living over here in London. I have experienced some of the highest, warmest, most incredible feelings of love, self-belief and happiness but also a deafening, engulfing sadness that I have never felt before. One day is totally different to the next. Sometimes I feel like this is exactly where I should be and other times I feel totally lost and very alone. But on a whole, I am really enjoying life (those hard times are rare) and I often wonder how I will ever be able to move back to Sydney. The idea of monotomy and being smothered makes me very worried. If you have thought about picking up and moving to another city, you should do it, home will always be there, but your choice may not.

So I continue to pack as much as possible into each day but I find this works for me. I tend to stress, but I’m more productive and entertained. Dad always says,  “It’s all part of the tapestry of life Riss. And at least you can write a song about it.”  And he’s not wrong.



2 Replies to “August already?”

  1. ‘If you have thought about picking up and moving to another city, you should do it, home will always be there, but your choice may not.’

    couldn’t agree more my love xxx

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