A Very Newsy Blog Post

Hi all,

I played Rihanna’s song, Stay, at The Round in Brisbane last week and got a great response. Cheers guys! So thought I’d record it for you. Beautiful film clip – you should check out the original.

The trip to Brisbane went so well except that I have a dent in my keyboard – thanks Jetstar – but now it reminds me of touring, so that ain’t a bad thing! To the mole who was so rude to us and charged me a bomb for the keyboard to return to Sydney. You’ll get what’s coming..

The gig at The Round was so much fun and I can’t believe the response. To everyone who came along you are beautiful people and I’m glad you enjoyed the show. I honestly couldn’t have done it without the roadies from heaven – Laur & Jake.  And special thanks to Jared who showed us around Brissie and picked the keyboard up to take to the gig. I will definitely be back to play again!

The band and I have had our last rehearsal before we lock ourselves away in the studio over the next week and a half. I’m so excited to record my latest songs and share them with you. For some songs I have no idea how they will turn out and it’s pretty exciting!

My Indiegogo campaign is going really well – thank you so much for donating and I am working my ass off to show you all that you have invested in a worthy cause! I have started getting the perks together and am especially excited to cover a few songs, make some t-shirts and get the secret gig happening. If you haven’t checked out my campaign click here. If you are short of funds, I would love if you could pass it on to anyone you think may like my music..

This past year has been tricky with surgery and planning this recording and I just wanna thank those close to me who are forever supporting me, giving me advice, rocking up to gigs, carrying my keyboard, spreading the word and singing along to my songs. I love you and you keep me smiling and loving what I do.

And finally… to all those designers out there I have a comp going for you to design the EP cover! See the poster below and get creative.

Upcoming GIGS:

Tuesday April 23 – 8pm
Four Pines, Manly
Sunday April 28 – 3pm
Manly Skiff Club, Manly

Hope everyone had a nice Easter!

Love Larissa x

Design My EP Cover!
Design My EP Cover!
Jakey, Laur and Jared riding round Brisbane
My Indiegogo Campaign
My Indiegogo Campaign
Me, Whit, Nik and Sof
Me, Whit, Nik and Sof
Laur, Me & Jakey at Ben's Onesie Party - pretty cold
Laur, Me & Jakey at Ben’s Onesie Party – pretty cold

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