Hola innit!

The UK and Europe over Summertime really wet my whistle. There is something about the heat and the sunshine that really wets my whistle.
Over the month trip, I wrote some songs and played some shows to beautiful friends and fans in wonderful London. Thanks to each and every one of you who supported my tour either by watching or buying my music. I had such a good time playing for you and being a tourist in the city I once called home.

I have some footage and audio that I’ll be cutting and slicing so stay tuned for a little video thanks to The Troubadour.

In between shows I managed to sneak away to Spain for BBK Live – a camping festival in the north of the fair land. The Cure, Sum 41, Radiohead and Keane were craaaazy. I’m still high from their beautiful music. When Sum 41 played we lost it and I got a beer thrown at my head. Settle down moite!
The bf and I hired a car and drove through the Spanish countryside without a hitch. Well we scraped a wheel but weren’t charged. Cheers Europa Car.
Not many men can take direction as gracefully as Jakey and he is a terrific parallel parker also. I’m punching above my weight. We had such a fun time.. Saw some beautiful sites, ate incredible food and created some lovely memories for the both of us.

We visited Saragossa, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Granada and Lagos.

It was a whirlwind of a trip and pulled on many heart strings – but was worth every cent and every tear and every phlegmy cough of Euro Flu. You haven’t really traveled unless you catch the deliciously sexy Euro Flu. ;


Looking forward to the Boatshed gig in Manly next Wednesday night with my beautiful band.

Come along say hi,

Larissa x

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