Seven Days

One week til I hop on the flight of death and step back into a life I left nearly eight months ago. That keen!

I have four gigs planned so make sure you come along and say hi. I’ll also be writing with some peeps, exploring some of Spain and writing some more.

I do believe I will be seeing The Cure at Bilbao Festival and.. Wait for it.. Sum41.

If you didn’t know me in my awkward adolescent stage of life, you will not know I had an actual obsession with Sum41. It was a full blown, crazy, parents were worried about me obsession. I was not along though, Georgia, Sam and Fliss were my team mates and we were batting for Sum41. I wouldn’t change a thing. I have the best memories of tearing up a mosh pit, learning to skate and arriving at a party dressed as a chubby boy.

I did indeed get sidetracked, but the point is, Fliss is going to Bilbao too and we are going to get cray cray.

So my first gig is at Regal Room in Hammersmith, London on Friday July 6. The night after I play at Surya in Hollaway if that’s more your style.

Larissa x

Sydney in Winter..



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