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Jar Of Hearts is a song that touched loads of people- especially my sister. We’ve all got those special songs that we play when we’re down, or before we leave the tarmac and embark on an adventure. When a lovely friend offered us free tix to see Christina Perri at The Enmore, I jumped at it. Lloyd and my sis came along and we had a grand ol time.

Jar Of Hearts by Christina Perri

Jordan Millar supported and was great (he always is). He’s playing at Cafe Lounge in Surry Hills, Sydney if anyone’s interested. Anywho, Christina Perri was awesome and I loved her manner on stage. She had the cutest fans too.

Went to a Vivid Live talk called Unleashing The Imagination.. It was pretty cool. Here’s some pics I took after on instagram.

Meanwhile, Darren’s going great guns on the voice. His last performance was off tha heezey. Please vote for him or buy one of his songs off iTunes, which I’ve had on repeat just quietly. He produced my ep Just The Wind and is a lovely soul and so bloody talented and hard working. He deserves it. And he’s the best.

I have booked another gig in London at The Regal Room on July 28! Come along, or if you can’t, never fear – download the app or watch on the Justin Tv Website wherever you are. Pretty cooooool.

Till next time,

Larissa x

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