Scary Town

Halloween was on the weekend so Leah, who has just moved here, came over and we fake blooded and tatted up and got our scare on. Went to a friend’s houseparty in Clapham North then to The Old Blue Last on Great Eastern St. Somewhere along the way Leah lost her purse with credit cards, i.d, phone, oyster card and cash in it. Somehow we recovered it, some sweet girl had found it and we went to pick it up the next day. Regardless we had a cracker of a night!  I think she will fit in very well with Alana and I. I just kept saying- Dude, we do stuff like this all the time. Don’t worry!

She’s moved round the corner from me in Bethnal Green so it’ll be nice to have another neighbour. On the home front I think I misjudged my flatmate. She’s coming out of her shell heaps and loves a chat. Gave me some fish the other day and likes listening to me play. We have a date next week – she invited me to her room to watch a movie. Nothing suss.

Gig tomorrow night at The Regal Room – a venue Keith and I had been trying to land for ages. So very excited! They have a piano there so it’ll be wicked to play a real one again.

Went for a few interviews with recruitment agencies and had to do excel, typing, powerpoint and word tests. They were the worst few hours I’ve endured in a long, long time. I’m not even kidding when I say I think I’d rather have someone punch me in the stomach than have to do that again. I was also told I dress too funky. I don’t get why corporate dress has to be boring?  Tell me that.

The clocks have changed so it’s dark when I leave work which is odd – they changed on Sat night but didn’t realise till Whit mentioned it on Sunday night at dinner. Samsung actually pulled through, it’s fricken amazing!

I’ve booked in the weekend of the 14th in the studio! YAY! So I’ll have at least one fresh track for you very soon!! I can’t wait – it’s been too long.



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