Happy Camper

So Bestival was insaaaaaane.

Essy, Kiera and I set off to meet at Waterloo. We missed our train. If you’re surprised read previous blogs. Got the train from Waterloo to Portsmouth, or was it Plymouth? Then waited in a line to get onto the Ferry, then waited in another giant line to get a bus to the festival, then walked down an insanely muddy hill to the festival site. Chose a mad spot, unzipped our popup tent pegged it in and were ready to go. The festival was Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – the longest partying session I’ve endured.

LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, Chase and Status and The Prodigy were so much fun. I Blame Coco and Ellie Goulding really impressive too.. but I have to say that Mumford & Sons blew me away.

Their set was so much fun but they were also great musicians, seemed like great guys and loved every moment of playing their music for all us festival-goers. They moved me to tears and made me feel something which I feel is the most important part about a live performance. Otherwise I’ll just crank the song in my room at home. I do it-  I’m not gonna lie. If you get the chance see this band live, do it, and for that 45 minutes you won’t want to be anywhere else.

The festival itself was so cool. We got fake tats, saw so many cool costumes and people dressed up as crazy stuff, went into an installation on the top of a hill, ate Jap in a hut with rugs, saw a massive space object shooting fire, went in a giant magic tree, witnessed a fake wedding in a blow up church, heard some terrible terrible kareoke, watched people learn the quick step (slow, quick, quick, slow – it will haunt me for the rest of eternity), did some shopping, heard Pete the beatboxer on the top of a bus (he is insane check that shit out) and got crazy to sooo much Dubstep (wop wop wop).

Also drank more than I ever have in five days, stepped through more mud than I ever thought possible without slipping, slept on a mat as thin as that fake cheese, baby wiped (showered) a hell of a lot, had a shower with a water bottle and cleanser, made friends with our neighbours on Struggle Street and have so many gay jokes/embarrassing moments with Kiera and Essy.

Mum and Dad stop reading now..      I may have woken up on Friday going oh my god.. oh my god.. where’s my handbag. Essy.. I can’t find my handbag. I left it on top of the tent. Oh my god. Oh….. my….. god.  Turns out no one took it. It was sleeping next to the tent all night (wallet, house keys, phone, camera, oyster card (lol) . I am one lucky son of a b*tch.. but this is what I do. It’s my thang. I’m bloody hopeless. But I am proud to say I didn’t lose one thing the whole trip! Kiera tried to jump a railing and stacked it (ohhh how we laughed)!!! There are so many others, but I want to keep for us cause they are special and also quite embarassing.

The trek home was not okay. 2.5 hours waiting in a line to get a bus is not good organisation skills people!! But I had THE best time ever. Saw some greeeaaaat music and had so much fun. My abs are still sore from all the laughing and all the shapes we cut.

I leave you now with a nice little song from my highlight

One Reply to “Happy Camper”

  1. thanks for putting up the photo of me waking up in the tent. lovely.
    ps it was portsmouth.. i think.

    pps slow, quick quick, slow.. slow…

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