I. Am. So. Excited. For. Bestival!

Got a text from my old flatmate that he received a ‘Sorry you were out’ card. Text him a thousand questions trying to find out how to pick up my tickets. Called the phone number and they said I needed the card to figure out where they are.

So arranged to wake up early Saturday to trek down to Clapham North before going to Argos with Essy to buy a tent. Text Luca the night before to say – leave the card in the kitchen. Get to the flat and there’s no card. Call him – he’s left the card in his room. God only knows why it would be in his room. VERY angry. Head to the local post office just in case they’re there and I can pick them up. They’re not there. VERY angry.

Went to ARGOS – got a tent  🙂 £49.95 for a pop-up tent, two mats, two sleeping bags and two chair. Ohh yeah.

Es and I met Lans and Whit for lunch then we saw Amy in Pricilla. She was amazing and the show has a killer soundtrack! So much fun. Then Lukey met us after for drinks 🙂

Decided I better try again to get the * card, so treked back down to Clpaham – didn’t even care, wore my dance pants lol – and go tthe thing. Hurrah!

Got to work today and called the number. The post office has returned to sender. Terrific. Called Ticketline, the sender. They told me to call back after 10am. Called back after 10am and while I was on hold they were playing cool tunes and I got excited and then the lady told me I’m now picking them up at the venue. Sorted!

Soooooooo aaallllll ssseeetttttt!

Chase & Status, The Prodigy, LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, The xx, Dizzee Rascal, Fat Freddys Drop, Hurts, The Boy Who Trapped The Sun, Mylo, Mumford & suns, La Roux & mooooooooooooooooore



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