The Libertines

Got a call from my manager saying he had a spare place on the door for THE LIBERTINES gig that night.

I wouldn’t call myself a fan, I had only heard their album once at a friends place. So I felt pretty bad accepting the offer. I knew they were a big deal when I asked if there was another place on the door for a friend and Keith goes, “Sorry Riss, these tix are rarer than rocking horse shit”.

So I went and I fricken LOVED it. It’s now the night after and I just bought their albums and and am listening as I write this blog. Pete Doherty, although a criminal and a dirty drugtaker, is so charismatic and talented, that I now understand why he hasn’t been put behind bars.

The band was so tight, and the songs are really well written. They are the “founders of Brit Pop” if I may quote a friend. So get amongst it.

I know I won’t understand the unbelieveable-ness of seeing them live til I’m totally obsessed in a few months, but I really enjoyed the show and I tell ya what.. I’ve never seen so many hot guys under one roof in my life 😉


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