Hello and welcome..

Hi all,

So thought I’d get on the World Press wagon so I can let you know the latest.

Tomorrow – Sunday July 4th – I’ll be playing pianos around East London making a clip!! Um.. I’m just a wee bit excited! So if you’re a Londoner, follow me on Twitter (@larissamckay) and hopefully you can catch some of the live action. The lovely Greg Davenport will be the man behind the lens and it’s going to be a great day by the river. *It is with regret that my first real film clip will not have my sis in it, it’s her life long dream. Next time Laur.

After a billion (well not really, but it felt like that) shows throughout May and June I have taken a little time off to sleep mainly, write more, move flats and do the clip. So my next gig is July 29th at Tommy Flynn’s in Camden – so hope you can all make it.

I’m on the Scout for a band – guitar, drums and bass – so if anyone’s keen, comment on the blog and let’s make some magic.

Till next time,





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