Spring Has Sprung

I’d not been to FBi Social before Jordan Millar asked me to support him for his single launch. It’s now my favourite Sydney venue. Thanks to those who came out last night, bought CDs and listened to us play. It was a pleasure to play my music for you.

So I go under the knife in a few weeks and they are cleaning out and reforming the sinus tunnels in my forehead, cheeks and at my request, any other orifice in my head that may be constructed causing my headaches.

So The Boatshed gig with the band next week will be my last show for a little while so please come join us!

Wed. Nov 7 – 8:30pm – free
Old Manly Boashed
The Corso, Manly, Sydney

The Four Pines and The Empire gigs will hopefully be moved to Dec/Jan so stay tuned. Apologies for anyone who was planning to come.

I saw Aussie band, The Rubens and Aussie songstress, Lisa Mitchell last week and have to mention how impressed I was with the latter. I saw Lisa Mitchell play years ago and she has come forward in leaps and bounds. She was confident, engaging and cute.

I also have to note that The Rubens need a style overhaul. The private school boy look just didn’t do it for me, but they sounded great – as does their new record.

Hopefully see you Wednesday!

Larissa x






Throw Your Arms Around Me

Tonight I’m supporting Mark Seymour from the iconic Aussie band, Hunters & Collectors. I’m pretty fricken excited and fairly nervous. Andrew will be joining me on stage for our 40 min set , and laying some sweeeet beats down.

Spring has arrived and I have been embracing the sunshine by sitting in the gutter in a Surry Hills side street on my lunch break and riding the ferry across Sydney Harbour. I love the smell of jasmine in the air and the excitement over the days getting longer and warmer.

Spring has arrived

Jakey arrived home from Lagos and surprised me silly with a random phone call three days early. Such a cutie! It is so nice to have him home. It’s also really great that I go to work and he goes surfing, skating and having arvo beers with mates. Naaaaawt.

Played a few gigs recently.. One supporting Jordan Millar at Cafe Lounge (see pic by Kiera Archer) which was good fun and another with the band at The Manly Boatshed and another at Pony Room in Manly for Fathers’ Day. Lots more coming up so see the gigs tab and come on doooown. If you have any covers you’d love to hear me sing then let me know. Always want to build the┬árepertoire.

Cafe Lounge – Pic by Kiera Archer

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Larissa x

My besties. Globe trotters all home together at once.

Melbourne vs. Vivid Live

I visited the town of Melbourrne the other weekend.
Fave places:
St. Alis
Proud Mary
The Toff In The Town
Brunswick St
Sitting watching buskers on a sunny Sunday afternoon

Jakey and I had a mad couple of days and it is just a great Australian city. Maybe the best (oooooo controversial). We made the mistake of getting the tight-ass flight at 7am and were completely knackered for our first day, but apart from that it was perfect. I had the best coffee of my life and Art Of Sleeping at the Toff were so good! Get their albums. We hit up the biggest Vinnies ever and got some goodies and wined and dined like we were minted (we’re not).

Last weekend I went to see Modular Night at The Opera House for Vivid live. Jonathan Boulet is so dreamy and I just love his music so much. Kiera and I danced like crazy peeps up the front. Tom Vek was awesome too. The band on in between- not very good at all. Shame.

The light shows were so pretty. I love that Sydney has the event.. Maybe back up there in front of Melbourne? Check out Customs House lights and there’s heaps of workshops and other gigs on.

I got some sad news- our gig at The Beach Rd is cancelled as they’re not having Thursday nights anymore. We were so excited to deliver a great full show for you all but it will have to wait.

Once there’s no live music anymore everyone will be devo and over djs (I like djs by the way) so get out there and support live music.

I have a few more solo gigs coming up in June and then I’m off July back to London. Pretttttty keen!! Check the gigs page for info.

Anymore based in the UK, my friends Hungry Kids Of Hungary are touring and are just amaze live so head along to one of their shows.


Bye for now.

Larissa x