Yep! I’m a Wedding Singer..

I played at a gorgeous wedding for Emma and Dale at Gunners Barracks in Mosman, Sydney. I created the mood as guests arrived and everyone eagerly awaited the arrival of the bride surrounded by sandstone walls and fairy lights. I also played a hand-picked song by the bride as she walked down the aisle, another when they sealed the deal and then for an hour while guests were having canapes and the bridal party were having photos taken. The sun was setting over the harbour and it was just so much fun.

Here is a little comment from the bride.
I’d just like to thank you for playing at our wedding!!!!! Your beautiful voice was perfect and I had lots of guests telling me how lovely you sounded. You looked gorgeous, sang beautifully and were very professional. Thanks again, I will definitely be recommending you in the future.

Serendipity – Latest single out now

Hi everyone,

My new single, Serendipity, off the EP In The Clouds is out now. Please hop onto Triple J Unearthed and review, download and rate the track! I’d love to have it played on Triple J. It is also out on most digital music sites like iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud.

To rate on Triple J Unearthed click here

1. Click the play button under the song Serendipity
2. On the right hand side of the green section you can choose to download, rate and review and share.

Triple J Unearthed  Jukebox
Triple J Unearthed Jukebox


Thanks heaps for your support!

Larissa x



The ‘In The Clouds EP’ is being pressed as we speak. I’m flippin’ excited! All the beautiful people who donated to my Indiegogo campaign will receive their copy first and everyone will have to wait til it is released in October. In the meantime Boat, the first single is available to download at iTunes and Cdbaby. Boat has reached number one on the Pop Chart on Triplejunearthed so thank you everyone who rated and commented.

Pre-production for a music video for Boat has begun!! I’ve been busy scouting locations, moved a lovely but heavy  pianola (I didn’t move it. Matt, Lakey & Jakey did) and have a great cinematographer and director on board. Film days are set for the beginning September and fingers crossed it warms up. I’ve been developing the storyboard with my beautiful friend Gianna, and it’s so much fun. Takes me back to London and making the other videos with Greg.

I’m getting heavily into yoga. It seems like the perfect exercise for me and I’m definitely reaping the physical and mental benefits. After a few weeks of terrible headaches, I had another scan and it appears I still have severe sinusitis – WHY DID I HAVE THE SURGERY??? – Breaks my balls off. My doc told me I could be allergic to the cold. That seems about right. So with this depressing news I leave you with a few lovely quotes. “Just because you’re in pain, doesn’t mean you have to be a pain.” And below..

1 photo (25) photo (26) photo (27) photo (28) Just want to say a few big thanks to some radio stations that have played my music in the past few weeks.

– Macca at Joy FM in Melbourne – Download the app or you listen online here –

– Rosie at Triple J Unearthed Digital Radio – Download the app or listen online here –

– Hauaki Radio in New Zealand –

– Larry at Fbi 94.5fm –

My next gig is at The Acoustic Picnic on Friday August 9th. It’s a new night in Brookvale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and I will be doing a duet or two, so it should be a great night. Here’s the Facebook event for more details and if you would like to book a table click here. Oh and did I mention I’m off to Splendour now.. roooooaaaaaddtttrrrriiippp! Larissa x

Single ‘Boat’ Out Now – Free Download

I’m am very happy to announce the release of the first single off my forthcoming EP.

Boat, is available for FREE DOWNLOAD. Please click here!! If you have a few minutes, I would love for you to rate or comment on the song on the website where you download from.
The more fuss we make, the bigger chance we can get it played on Triple J. There is an app for Triple J Unearthed if you’re interested just search in the app store. It has debuted at number 4 on the Pop Chart and 48 overall so I am sooo happy! Thanks everyone who has rated already.

You can also call up Linda on Good Nights on Triple J week nights from 6pm to request Boat.

  • call: 1300 0555 36
  • txt: 0439 75 7555

I hope you enjoy the song and I can’t wait to release the rest of the EP in a few weeks time.

Triple J Unearthed
Triple J Unearthed
Boat Artwork
Boat Artwork


Pre-production for a music video has begun and it’s going to be pretty awesome! Stay tuned for more news on that front.

Next gigs are in Sydney, Aus:

Sunday June 30th 7pm – Coogee Bay Hotel.

Sunday July 14th 4-7pm – Stowaway Bar, Freshwater.

Larissa x

And if you don’t know…

I think it’s safe to say that back in the early naughties I missed the boat on the r’n’b craze. Blink 182, Sum 41, Yellowcard and P.O.D were the bands I connected with and I think my childhood friend Chris is to thank/blame for that one. Me and a few exclusive friends (Fliss, George, Sam and Sof) bought skateboards, hung out in moshpits and wore sweat bands to school. We dressed our folders in pics of said bands and when we started going to parties we called “gatherings”and all the other girls were wearing skirts that showed off their pre-pubescent butts, we were wearing Sum 41 tees.

I’m not ashamed of this phase at all. Because I wasn’t even mildly appealing to the eye of a 16 year old boy, I worked on other things my personality and got to know boys from the inside out. This brings me to biggie smalls. At a hen’s weekend not long ago, amongst a tribe of Kiwi’s, the old time classics made a severe comeback. At first I resisted the unfamiliar sound of Biggie, and the way the other girls got low. They were astonished I hadn’t heard of Biggie Smalls. Notorious B.I.G? Nope. Just to check, I asked Fliss. She doesn’t know if Biggie either. However, now a few months after the Hen’s weekend, Biggie’s song has made it’s way to my Spotify playlist. How? I’m not sure, but that Juicy song’s like crack.

Another cracker, more my style..

The band, Yanto and I have finished recording at Oceanic and Airlock and three songs (Boat, In The Clouds and Serendipity) have been mixed and sent to be mastered. Two remain (Get High and Writers’ Block) and I’m getting pretty exciiiited. I have had some beautiful artwork made by Laura-Louisa Betts who won the design comp I ran. CONGRATS! She is so talented and lovely to work with, so I can’t wait to get them out there for you to see. One poster she made is below.

Boat will be the first single off the EP and will be released in June.

I did a little photoshoot with photographer, Jocelyn Nguyen, Rhiannan Atchinson and Lauren McKay on Styling and Kim Kindratt on makeup and hair. Thanks for making it so much fun guys and getting some good pics out of me. You were all so lovely to work with.

I’m parting with the parentals and moving out with my besties Fliss and Sof. We have found a mad pad and move in weekend after next. Should be good fun and can’t wait to start this next chapter. Mum and Dad are pretty good to live with and I will miss walking in the door and seeing their and Lenny’s faces each night. But they’re only round the corner, literally.

I have a few gigs coming up while I am organising the shizzle out of this EP release so would love to see you there!

Next gigs are:

Sunday June 30th 7pm – Coogee Bay Hotel.

Sunday July 14th 4-7pm – Stowaway Bar, Freshwater.

IMG_0796e IMG_0879e IMG_1179e boat banner ammended

Cheers & get ready to hear Boat in a few weeks!

Larissa x

Recording The EP

Hi guys,

There’s six days remaining for my campaign on Indiegogo to help fund my EP. It’s going so well! Drums, bass and guitar are done and I am up in Brisbane recording vocals and keys. It’s sounding great and I can’t wait to share the tunes with you. We’d love to put a string quartet on In The Clouds and get a video done, so any contribution you can make will go towards that aswell as what’s listed on the campaign.

Click here for the campaign site!

Thanks again for all your support and I will have some video to share with you soon..


553671_10152724613990472_743533058_n 893484_10151412982223292_1680270761_o Riss

Design My EP Cover!
Design My EP Cover!

Larissa x

A Very Newsy Blog Post

Hi all,

I played Rihanna’s song, Stay, at The Round in Brisbane last week and got a great response. Cheers guys! So thought I’d record it for you. Beautiful film clip – you should check out the original.

The trip to Brisbane went so well except that I have a dent in my keyboard – thanks Jetstar – but now it reminds me of touring, so that ain’t a bad thing! To the mole who was so rude to us and charged me a bomb for the keyboard to return to Sydney. You’ll get what’s coming..

The gig at The Round was so much fun and I can’t believe the response. To everyone who came along you are beautiful people and I’m glad you enjoyed the show. I honestly couldn’t have done it without the roadies from heaven – Laur & Jake.  And special thanks to Jared who showed us around Brissie and picked the keyboard up to take to the gig. I will definitely be back to play again!

The band and I have had our last rehearsal before we lock ourselves away in the studio over the next week and a half. I’m so excited to record my latest songs and share them with you. For some songs I have no idea how they will turn out and it’s pretty exciting!

My Indiegogo campaign is going really well – thank you so much for donating and I am working my ass off to show you all that you have invested in a worthy cause! I have started getting the perks together and am especially excited to cover a few songs, make some t-shirts and get the secret gig happening. If you haven’t checked out my campaign click here. If you are short of funds, I would love if you could pass it on to anyone you think may like my music..

This past year has been tricky with surgery and planning this recording and I just wanna thank those close to me who are forever supporting me, giving me advice, rocking up to gigs, carrying my keyboard, spreading the word and singing along to my songs. I love you and you keep me smiling and loving what I do.

And finally… to all those designers out there I have a comp going for you to design the EP cover! See the poster below and get creative.

Upcoming GIGS:

Tuesday April 23 – 8pm
Four Pines, Manly
Sunday April 28 – 3pm
Manly Skiff Club, Manly

Hope everyone had a nice Easter!

Love Larissa x

Design My EP Cover!
Design My EP Cover!
Jakey, Laur and Jared riding round Brisbane
My Indiegogo Campaign
My Indiegogo Campaign
Me, Whit, Nik and Sof
Me, Whit, Nik and Sof
Laur, Me & Jakey at Ben's Onesie Party - pretty cold
Laur, Me & Jakey at Ben’s Onesie Party – pretty cold

She Maketh Me Itchy

As I write this, the woman sitting next to me on the bus continues to scratch her head, pick the skin on her hands, blow her nose, switch positions every three seconds, rub her forehead and cross and uncross her arms.

My first instinct is to smash her in the face, but instead of getting angry I’ve cranked up Katy Perry and put myself in her shoes.

She is obviously suffering from some serious physical or mental discomfort and I kind of want to help her.

It must be horrible not being able to sit still and be content, absolutely horrible.

Thought I’d share this torturous bus trip as someone who reads this could be like this woman. If that’s you, I will say one thing. Start meditating.

Peace and light to all..

Larissa x