Baby, I’m back.

I’ve gone through a bit of a life overhaul in the past few months. I’m on the path to creating the life I want to lead. 

It was kick-started by the disheartening realisation that I was unwell and things would have to change. Since my first sinus surgery in 2012, my sinuses and headaches were getting worse and worse. Leading up to this time, my 9-5 job was getting more and more stressful and unsatisfying. I was battling a constant headache and a migraine once or twice a week on top of that. I wasn’t writing music and I thought I had lost my hunger for a music career. I felt like I was letting friends and family down by only being physically present in their lives a fraction of the time I wanted to be and there for them even less emotionally. Something had to give.

I left my five day a week job and said goodbye to the three hour/ day commute and am now working three days a week, closer to home and in a role that is creative and better suited to me. I get home from work and feel inspired to write music again. I am gigging two to four times a week, am teaching some students singing and piano and am on the waiting list to get surgery for the second time.

I am learning to manage the pain and flare ups by eating well, minimising alcohol, taking a liquid herbal mix, cutting out caffeine, doing lots of yoga and meditation, seeing a TERRIFIC chiropractor and learning not to over commit to things. I am very fortunate to have a loving and patient partner and a family that supports and understands I’m not always on my A game.

Playing at The Grounds of Alexandria Markets

Playing at The Grounds of Alexandria Markets

Life is good. I have my mojo back, I’m making a living out of doing something I absolutely love and am breathing in the good and saying goodbye to the bad. Some days are a struggle but I’m hoping this second surgery will do the trick.
I went to Falls Festival over New Years and the Sydney Laneway festival a few weeks ago and I’m working on new material to play at a showcase on March 12th at Symposium in Chippendale, Sydney. I’ve also been working with a bunch of electronic dance music producers and doing some co-writes. I’ve surprised myself and am listening to a fair bit of country at the moment including Johnny Cash (better late than never) and Adam Hood (Tennessee Will is my fave track).

Gig at Symposium

Gig at Symposium

List of legends:
YOGA: Powerliving, Manly
CHIROPRACTOR: Kylie @Bay Chiropractic, Neutral Bay
MASSAGE: Sah Sin, Manly
NATUROPATH: My Goodness Wellbeing, Brookvale
ENT: Dr. Naidoo, Hornsby
LIFE COACH: The Mindful Coach, Manly Vale

Everyone is fighting their own battle, whether it’s a limp you can see or anxiety that bubbles under the surface. We should always try to remember this.

Laneway Sydney, music, laneway, music festival

Laur and I at Laneway Festival

Larissa x

My picks for Triple J’s Hottest 100

I just voted in the Triple J Hottest 100. It was tricky getting the list down to ten, I had a shortlist of 51. The way I narrowed it down was by thinking of the songs I had on repeat and the songs that stopped me in my tracks. What makes me really happy now looking at the list, is that a lot of these artists are women and most are Aussie. REPRESENT!

Airling – Wasted Pilots
George Maple – Talk Talk
Meg Mac – Roll Up Your Sleeves
Carmada – Maybe
Duke Dumont – I Got U {Ft. Jax Jones}
Lykke Li – Gunshot
Mr Little Jeans – Good Mistake
Banks – Beggin For Thread
The Griswolds – Beware The Dog
The Kite String Tangle – Arcadia

Voting is still open so head to

Larissa x

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