Wedding Ceremony Testimonial

I received this lovely testimonial from a wedding I recently played at. Thanks Alissa & Ben, it was a beautiful ceremony. Congrats!

We were so grateful to have Larissa play at our wedding – even two months later people are still commenting on how excellent she was! She was completely prepared, incredibly professional and willing to learn songs that were special to us.
Larissa; we honestly couldn’t have imagined anything else for our ceremony and we can’t thank you enough. You are an exceptional musical talent with a beautiful voice, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you for other special occasions!
– Alissa + Ben (August 2015)
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Sinus Surgery: Round Two

A few weeks ago I went under the knife for the second time in the hope of fix my ongoing battle with dud sinuses. I have struggled with chronic sinusitis for the past fifteen years with constant infections and chronic headaches. I’m just unlucky, born with a cell blocking the drainage from my frontal sinuses.

The surgery went well, apart from a reaction to the general anaesthesia. I woke to the excruciating sensation that someone was trying to tear my arms off at the elbows. So random, and the doctors couldn’t tell me the cause. I laid in agony for two hours until the anti-inflammatory tablet kicked in. I actually heard Matt Corby telling a story very similar to mine a few days later on Triple J which gave me some comfort.  I’ll take anything that’ll put me in the same league as him.

Two weeks later and I am back at work and am appreciating the little things –  I’ve watched Darren Percival sing at the Manly Jazz Festival, eaten nachos with my sis, ridden my bike to the beach and done a meditation class. 

I get the packing vacuumed out in a week. It is as gross and painful as it sounds. A friend has had a needle stuck in her eye ball and says it wasn’t as bad as getting the packing removed. But once it’s out I am on the home stretch.

I can’t believe how many people out there suffer from sinus problems. If you’re suffering I hope you can find some relief from the pain and at least take comfort in the fact you’re not alone. I don’t suffer from allergies, what I have found aggravates it more than anything is stress. Here are my tips to get through those tough times.

Ginger, tumeric, lemon, honey tea

Eating dairy, gluten, sugar and preservative free

Yoga and meditation

Steaming (your head over a bowl of hot water with a towel over your head)

Sinus rinse twice a day – NeilMed or Flo (Swear I should be sponsored I’ve done this rinse that many times I call it my religion).

No coffee or booze (I know it’s hard!)

Also watch this video. I found this helps heaps too!

Larissa  x


Over the weekend I did a shoot with a lovely photographer – Gerrie Mifsud.  in St. Peter’s, Sydney. Here a some of my faves.

By Gerrie Mifsud

By Gerrie Mifsud

By Gerrie Mifsud

By Gerrie Mifsud

LM - black blue close

By Gerrie Mifsud

By Gerrie Mifsud

By Gerrie Mifsud

By Gerrie Mifsud



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