Sunset Raining OUT NOW!

You may have noticed I’ve been a little quiet on the recording front lately, but it’s not a result of that dreaded writer’s block, it’s because I’ve been working on a new project.

I’ve always been an avid listener and event goer in the electronic music realm but have felt out of my depth in terms of producing. I don’t have that perfectionist streak needed to conquer the tech side of songwriting (but maybe one day?)

I started out singing with a jazz/funk band after I left school. We’d meet for rehearsal every Thursday night and the band would get a jam going and then I’d hear a melody and write some lyrics to it. This was the best education in improvisation, songwriting and being part of a band. This same process applies with electronic collaborations. I love working with others and having the freedom to focus all my attention on the melody rather than trying to play piano chords as I go.

A few years ago I was asked to do some quest vocals and songwriting on a friend’s electronic track. I thoroughly enjoyed the process; by teaming up with someone I was able to create music unlike anything I had made before.

Since then I’ve written loads of electronic tracks – some collaborations, some just layers of my own voice. I am so happy to announce I’ve released my debut single under Rissy through the A & R Department/ Shock Records. I am SO excited, proud and relieved you all get to hear this track as there were a few bumps along the way and I think it’s a really cool tune.



The track is called Sunset Raining and I co-wrote it with Aussie EDM legends, Carmada (L D R U & Yahtzel). It all happened very naturally. I got a call to meet the boys at the studio, got there and heard the first version of a track, heard a melody in my head, wrote the lyrics and recorded it all within about an hour.

I would love (and need) your support big or small so here’s what you can do to help get the song out there!

  • Share this blog post or the song on Twitter or Facebook. Here’s the link to paste on your wall –
  • Buy the song on iTunes – Click here
  • Text into Good Nights on Triple J (AUS) requesting the song on +61439 75 7555 (weekdays 6-9pm Aussie time)
  • Rate the song on Triple J Unearthed
    – Go to
    – Click register
    – Once you have created a login (only takes a minute) go back to Rissy page and click the song you want to play
    – A pop up box will appear and you can click any of the four icons on the top right. Love, download, rate/review and share

I am still writing songs at the piano and plan on recording and releasing them. After eight years of of almost the same songwriting process I wanted to challenge myself and so here we are.

As always, thank you for your support!
Larissa x

Artwork by Nicola Lyon

Artwork by Nicola Lyon

Wedding Ceremony Testimonial

I received this lovely testimonial from a wedding I recently played at. Thanks Alissa & Ben, it was a beautiful ceremony. Congrats!

We were so grateful to have Larissa play at our wedding – even two months later people are still commenting on how excellent she was! She was completely prepared, incredibly professional and willing to learn songs that were special to us.
Larissa; we honestly couldn’t have imagined anything else for our ceremony and we can’t thank you enough. You are an exceptional musical talent with a beautiful voice, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you for other special occasions!
– Alissa + Ben (August 2015)
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